WIAW- What I Ate BEFORE my Allergies

Today is one of many firsts. My first July 2012 post, my first post on this blog EVER, my first post on my second blog, and…. Most importantly today is my first WIAW on Eating 4 Balance!

Previously I blogged over at Peanut-Butter-Lover, but then I found out about all of my food allergies. I completely reworked the food I eat. Hence: NEW food, NEW blog!

Do you want to know another reason why my previous blog was no longer fitting? It turns out that I am allergic to wheat, milk, eggs, pork and…. *gulp* peanuts. And for those of you who are not so good at math in the mornings, no peanuts = NO PEANUT BUTTER.

Do you want to cry? It’s okay… Really, I’ve cried plenty for the both of us.

Anways, today I thought it would be neat to show what I ate BEFORE my allergies and what I eat now AFTER my allergies.

Special thanks to Peas and Crayons for making my first post super special!

This theme is more than perfect for the month of July! I have really been trying to get my exercise in. It may not be totally conventional, but it maytotally counts!

Recently my July Fitness has included swimming, Just Dance and mini toning workouts… from the pages of seventeen magazine. (Don’t laugh! My favorite is the arm workout- Feel the burn!)


Breakfast BEFORE my allergies:



Breakfast AFTER my allergies:


Lunch BEFORE my allergies:



Lunch AFTER my allergies:


Dinner BEFORE my allergies:



Dinner AFTER my allergies:


Snack BEFORE my allergies:



Snack AFTER my allergies:




Note: You’ll learn to hate love my obsession with all things banana and food processors. I firmly believe that a single banana can constitute a meal (ever heard of the banana babies experiment?) and also that a food processor can make ANY meal spectacular. Banana babies+ food processor = magic! (Got to love auto-correct! I think more than one child abuse group would be after me for that one!) Bananas + food processor = MAGIC


What did you eat BEFORE your allergies (or before you became healthy) that you miss? For me, peanuts and eggs are the main thing. I topped everything with peanut butter (my old blog was called Peanut-Butter-Lover after all)… and eggs just make baking so much easier.

Do your meals seem simpler to you now? Looking above, my meals used to be a lot more complex and… interesting. I think I just need to give it time and let my stomach heal. Then I can get funky in the kitchen again!

6 thoughts on “WIAW- What I Ate BEFORE my Allergies

  1. And I thought I had it rough! I’m gluten intolerant. I was back in Canada for a week, and one day I broke down and started crying because there were so many things I love to eat at home and I couldn’t. I was craving these Portuguese pastries called Natas which are custard cups plus all the other pastries, I was craving pizza and veal sandwiches from this place called Marconi’s, I had poutine {which is fries with gravy & cheese curds} but it gave me a bad stomach ache 😦 I could go on… but yeah, I cried and then I felt a little better and explored with other things I could eat. Not the same but definitely going to build up my new favourites.

    • Thanks for sharing! It is so comforting to know that others are going through similar things. You are welcome back any time πŸ™‚ And I will definitely be going back to your blog for inspiration.

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  3. I’m sorry to read about your allergies. I’ve experienced the same thing. It’s so sad if you can’t eat your favorite things anymore! You will get used to it though… at least for about 70%; cause I still crave my ‘allergen foods’ a couple of times a week πŸ˜‰ sigh… Not being able to eat peanut butter anymore did make me experiment in the kitchen more; I now make my own pumpkinseed butter = so good!! Just blend the seeds in a blender or food processor with some sea salt + a little olive or sunflower seed oil and voila! Great stuff!

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