WIAW + Oatless Oats Recipe

Monday started a summer reading program at my church. My mom is the director… So I have been dubbed her “snack queen.” It is my job to feed 70 kids snacks that fit with our Dive into Reading! theme.

Monday we made clams out of vanilla wafer cookies, pink frosting, and yogurt-covered raisins.


Tuesday we took celery (the fishing rod), peanut butter (the bait) and goldfish (the catch of the day!).


Sadly I could not partake in eating any of the snacks, especially since yesterday I found out that I have a sensitivity to celery. It was only ranked with a I, while tomato, rye and yogurt were ranked II but I want to stay away from it for now to let my stomach heal.

For those of you wishing that you could give your kids a snack like the one above, I have an allergy-free idea for you! Replace the celery with long stalks of carrot, the peanut butter with a different nut butter or sunbutter, and replace the goldfish with an acceptable cracker or cereal! Voila. Allergy-free and still entertaining.

Now a Pardon the Interruption to bring you today’s WIAW, sponsored by Jenn from Peas and Crayons.

I actually ate a real CIAJ this time! I had about 1 Tbsp of almond butter left, so I whipped this recipe up and devoured it. Minus the protein powdet this time unfortunately, because I ran out and it is being shipped to my house from GNC (we became members… wahoo!)



Toning arm exercises.

Another tuna, carrot, pistachio and grapr meal. BORING. That’s okay though because it is really easy to pack for babysitting, and the tuna smell really bothers the kids….Muahaha.

No picture. Sorry šŸ˜¦

For this meal I decided to break from tradition and try a different veggie other than my usual sweet potato/unsalted green beans.

And that means sauteed Kale. A little dark. A little crispy. Yum.


I had a few unpictured snacks throughout the day including prunes (for digestion), water, and copious amounts of sticking my hand into the frozen berry bag/nut butter jar/rice puff cereal bag. Today I am going to try will not eat any unplanned snacks!

My final, planned snack of the day was a frozen banana with almond butter.


Hold up….

You may be wondering about the title of this post right about now… I mean, I don’t see anything that resembles oatmeal in the pictures above!

And right you are, so I am going to just cut to the chase and share with you a recipe that will make you go bonkers with joy.

Have you or your child had to stop eating oatmeal due to an allergy or intolerance? Have you read through the countless paleo “Oatmeal Minus the Oats” recipes scattered across the internet, so excited that you have found a new alternative, until you realized that it contains eggs, which you can’t have either? (Or maybe it is just me…)

Worry no more. I have just the thing to cure your oatmeal woes.


Oatless Oats (Vegan and Egg-free)

2 Tbsp Chia seeds
1/3 cup water
1 banana
4 Tbsp chopped almonds
Almond milk


Basically, I microwaved the water until it was boiling, added the Chia seeds, and then let them sit. After about 10 minutes I mixed in the banana, chopped almonds and a splash of almond milk. Microwave or heat on the stove until thick.


Top with almond butter and/or desired toppings.


The reason why you don’t see this above in my WIAW is because it was one of my many experimental recipes during the day. I am currently trying to lose weight, so this would not be an ideal replacement for my usual breakfast. However it would be great for those trying to maintain, gain weight, or for those needing something substantial in the mornings.


Can you handle gluten-free oats? Even though I don’t have an allergy to gluten (that I know of) I cannot tolerate oats. I think it is from accidental contamination with wheat.

What food allergy makes.it.hardest for you to make recipes? I think that eggs cause the biggest problem for me.

18 thoughts on “WIAW + Oatless Oats Recipe

    • I actually don’t have celiac, but a wheat and rye allergy. I basically eat gluten-free though, because wheat contaminates everything, and I try to stay away from any gluten-containing grains.

      I’m currently working on trying to make a lower calorie version. Because I love topping it with almond butter. But 1/4 c. almond + nut butter is a little much šŸ˜€

      Hope you enjoy the recipe. Let me know when you try it!

    • I know what you mean. From 8 to 4 everyday I babysit these two kids, and they ALWAYS want boxed mac and cheese. It’s really frustrating so I am constantly trying to think of new ideas that are somewhat less processed and more nutritious than powdered CHEESE!

    • No, VBS was a few weeks ago at my church. I helped out in the nursery watching ten or so babies whose parents were volunteering at VBS. We had over 200 for that! My mom is the director of this two week summer reading program at my church that teaches useful reading skills and encourages children to learn over the summer.

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