ABC… Easy as 123

Sorry for the long, unexplained absence from blogging! I have some great, informative (and delicious) posts coming up, so STAY TUNED.

Meanwhile, I decided you write up a little ABC post to tell you a little bit about me outside of blogging. Here it goes…

A- Accounting. I love doing mental math, and algebra was one of my favorite subjects in school. On those personality questionnaires I always received the description of “analytical” so accounting is a good fit for me!

B- Banana Ice Cream. Enough said.


C- Cats. All of my cats have been named after famous painters or literary characters. Leo (Davinci), Vince (VanGogh), Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird). My brother’s cat is Apollo (the Greek god of music)… or introvert as he is affectionately nicknamed.


D- Dogs. Okay! More animals. We have two dogs; one is outside and one is inside. Lilly is our inside Cairn Terrier. Riley is our outside mix (we got him from the pound).


E- Elephant Ears. These were my favorite treats at the fair when I was younger. Most kids loved cotton candy or french fries, but not me! Paired with a corn dog for lunch, elephant ears were the highlight of the week. (Now… I just need to come up with an allergy-friendly version!)

F- Falcon. My high school’s and college’s mascot. Coincidence? I think not!

G- Gold or silver. Silver… Gold makes me feel OLD!

H- Hair. It’s naturally curly, but when it’s long it seems to be wavy.


I- Ice. I love crunching on ice. It keeps me occupied in restaurants when I’m bored. Plus: It really annoys my mom 😛

J- Jump Rope. It’s kind of a hate-and-love relationship for me. In Kindergarden my favorite recess activity was jumping rope and singing those crazy songs… Cinderella, dressed in yell-a, ran upstairs to kiss a fella. By mistake she kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take? One… Two… Three.

K- Kale. Vegetable of the summer. Put on the broiler, wash some kale, and lay it out on a cookie sheet. No oil needed and still CRISPY!


L- Laps. If I could pick one exercise to do for the rest of my life, it would be swimming laps at a pool. Swimming is so much better than running, and lifting weights, and doing lunges…

M- Madison, Me, Muffins… Obviously my favorite letter ever!


N- Nancy Drew. My favorite books when I was younger. One day my grandma brought out a big stack of her old, musty, original Nancy Drew novels. Blue binding and all! Sometimes I even go back and reread my favorites.

O- OOOOOOO…. For some reason this reminds me of cOOkie dOugh. Perhaps because there are so many O’s? But, anways. Cookie dough is my favorite food. I love making protein powder taste like cookie dough. Chocolate chip cookie dough tastes way better than baked cookies (Did I really just say that? Hmmm… yes. Yes I did.)


P- Pet Peeves. Grammar mistakes (I know, I make a lot too!). Text messaging lingo- I get lol and idk, but I HATE when people abbreviate every single word in a message. “Do you really think I’ll understand that?”

Q- Quotes. To reference the mighty Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory: “Hummingbirds are the vampires of the flower world.” “I am not crazy; my mother had me tested.” “I am immune to your sarcasm.” And… “BAZINGA!”

R- Radishes. I just don’t get their appeal. YUK.

S- Sweet Potatoes. My favorite vegetable. So sad they hurt my stomach! Ah… Nevertheless. One day, one day I shall eat them again!

T- Tigger. The best character from Winnie the Pooh.

U- Underworld. A new book by Meg Cabot that I am dying to read!


The first book was so good!

V- Vaseline. Really good for hands in cold weather!

W- Water. I really don’t like it a lot, but I drink it because I have to, or else I’d die. Positive thinking, right?

X- X-rays. Of which I have had none. Knock on wood… and then trip over it and break my ankle. (Don’t worry, I kid, I kid!)

Y- Yams. Really, what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Anybody know?

Z- Zucchini bread. For the past two weeks I have been feverishly searching for a recipe for zucchini bread that I CAN EAT! No sugar, no yeast, no flour, no eggs. I’m thinking: almond flour, protein powder, stevia, zucchini, pumpkin, salt, baking powder (without corn), olive oil… Any thoughts?

Please pick 123 letters above and share with me a little something about yourself!

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