College and Classes and Dorms… Oh My! (WIAW)

So, look back to the title. See it? Read it. Now, read it again, but this time say it with gusto to the tune LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS… Oh my!

Really though, college is not that bad. That means my title selection for today’s post probably breaks a gazillion rules in the blogging world. Rule #1: Make sure your title conveys what you are going to discuss in the blog post. MY RULE #1: Make your title catchy, fun, and slightly weird/off topic.

And in case you missed my previous Day 1 and Day 2 college posts, check them out!

Anyways, it is now Wednesday, technically by third day of class, and my seventh day away at college.

To celebrate, a totally unexpected WIAW, courtesy of Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.


I usually have protein powder bread for breakfast, but I have been running low. Instead I get up in the mornings, get ready, and head out to a dining hall to buy some fresh fruit.

This pear cost me 69 (or 79?) cents:

Kath Eats is the best blog for breakfast viewing! Her oat bowls are simply amazing.

This “medium” bowl of grapes was $3.49:

I ate some on the walk back. I was just SO hungry!


Then I decided that I really did want to eat some protein bread, so I made this.

I’m currently out of protein powder, WAH!


For lunch I headed to the closet dining hall, bought a “medium” bowl of lettuce and cucumbers. Again… $3.49!! Then I added a can of my own low-sodium tuna.

Tis good. All of their food is always fresh.

Close-up on the cucumbers! I can’t believe that I used to hate these guys less than a month ago. Now we are the best of friends.


Canned green beans are a staple for me (I just remembered that there is supposed to be a theme to this WIAW post…). Actually, all of the food that you see here ARE my staples for college eating. I’m limited, so this is what I eat. All of the time. Hopefully the menu next week will be slightly varied with the dining halls. Maybe a different vegetable next time?

Recycled picture.


For dinner and/or lunch I always start off with a salad of, you guessed it: cucumbers and lettuce,Β  although last night I also added some shredded carrots (Yay me!). Then I get some rice and grapes. If I see one of the chefs who runs the dining halls then I will try to get their attention and order something else, like grilled chicken.

Recycled picture from first day.

Recycled picture.


For my late night snacks, I eat fruit and protein powder. Last night I had two bananas sitting on my dresser that I really wanted to eat, so I made this wonderful concoction:

I have a feeling that these “messy” bowls will become a regular occurrence for me.

Banana Bread Protein Batter

Serves 1

High in protein


1 banana (or pumpkin)

1 scoop protein powder (I used plain brown rice)

sweetener (I used a 1/2 packet of stevia)

water or milk to get desired consistency

*optional: baking powder/soda (authentic taste), cinnamon, berries, chocolate chips, oatmeal or quinoa

Directions: Stir ingredients together and eat.

Banana bread batter!!!

And now for my totally random photo of the day, look at what I saw when walking to my Writing Class in the morning:

Any guesses to what it is?

No, it’s not a giant horse fly. If it was, I would not have gotten nearly as close! Those things bite.

It’s actually a cicada. Thanks to Wikipedia I now know what these things are:

  • Cicadas live in temperate to tropical climates
  • They are well-known for their large size and unique (LOUD) sound
  • Cicadas are benign to humans, and normally do not bite or sting unless they mistake a human’s arm for a tree…. WHAT?!

Just for reference size, that cicada above is the size of my thumb.

Super. Creepy.


Check back in tomorrow or Friday for a special post on How to Eat in Dining Halls with Food Allergies.


What food do you eat now that you previously hated? For me it is cucumbers and pears.

Do you have any interesting bugs/creatures where you live?

Is there anything that you struggle with when eating out with food allergies, or any questions that you have that I could answer in my next post?

19 thoughts on “College and Classes and Dorms… Oh My! (WIAW)

  1. Love that you blog on how to eat while dealing with a food allergy:) My son has a peanut/nut allergy so its always interesting to hear from others and see what fun things they find to eat! You have some really yummy foods on here. I also LOVE green beans straight out of the can…I thought I might have been the only one:)

    Glad that you are joining me for “Turn the Page Tuesday!!!”:)

    • I just started eating them out of the can a few months ago after I saw my mom doing it. I thought, ” That looks wierd.” But sure enough it has quickly evolved into my favorite is super convenient and healthy snack!

  2. Aww, the days of college. It can be tricky to eat healthy when you’re so busy! I’m actually putting a special section about that in my book, because it felt like it was almost impossible to find healthy choices at my dining hall sometimes. Looks like your “dining hall” has some good options though! πŸ˜‰

    • That section sounds interesting. I think I’m lucky that my college is so accomodating with the dining halls and my needs. It’s still a hassle though, and my food takes two or three times longer to prepare. Sometimes I skip ordering meat/protein all together and just eat a lot of rice, fruits and veggies.

      • Sounds like you’re getting protein from some of the things you make on your own though, right? I don’t think I could survive on low protein!!

  3. I am glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours! Yay for getting back to college! I just graduated last May and I am actually sooo glad not to be going back this year, I never had the greatest college experience and I am just glad to be done with it!
    Your eats look great, I like the banana bread/pudding thing the best here πŸ™‚

    • So glad you stopped by. I love your blog! That’s too bad about college… I have a feeling that towards my senior year I will be itching to get out into the real world too. Let me know if you try the banana pudding stuff. Even though it’s really simple and you could never mess it up πŸ™‚

  4. Green beans out of the can? I can’t even… ugg! But then GB’s aren’t my fave, that’s for sure. Funny how residence rooms don’t change in 15 years. As for your question on grapefruit – I just like the taste. MMMM

    • That’s what I thought at first too.

      Residence rooms actually DO change in 15 years, I just got the oldest/crappiest one on campus πŸ™‚ Our new halls have A/C, private bathrooms and twice the space!!

  5. Ah, so glad you commented on my blog today. I love discovering new blogs like yours. Ahhh, college food. That’s where I am at the moment too (luckily this year I live with friends). Last year though I ate campus food too – definitely not as well as you do though! haha πŸ™‚ I love grapes, and I used to hate them too! I still hate cucumber though.

    • I think for me, I was forced to like cucumbers almost. They are one of the mildest vegetables. Broccoli, cauiflower, sweet potatoes, sugar peas, onions, tomatoes, they all hurt my stomach at one point or another. Pain=don’t eat. Lol.

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