Bonkers for BANANAS

Thanks to this fabulous blogger, I now know that today is Banana Lover’s Day!

I wish that I could say that I have a new recipe for you, but sadly I don’t. My protein powder was supposed to be delivered on Friday, and without it, no microwave-cooking baking for me. *Insert sad face here*

However, I do have a few recipes that involve bananas, so I figured I would just round them all up here. Nice. Quick. Convenient.

CIAJ (Allergy Friendly “Oats” in a Jar)

Involving banana “ice cream.”

Oatless Oats (Vegan)

One of the most popular recipes on my blog to date!

Protein Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Lots of bananas in this one!

Banana Bread Protein Batter

Here is a link to the tag-banana in all of my posts.

Check back later today. If I get my protein powder, there will DEFINITELY be a banana recipe up today!! Also, if you haven’t already, look at my last post on how to eat in a dining hall with food allergies.


What are you going to eat in celebration of bananas?

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