Girl Meets Food (WIAW # 16)

Happy Wednesday fellow WIAW-ers! I hope you are having an awesome week so far.

Thanks so much for all of your comments on my Friday Food Finds and Marvelous in my Monday. I really appreciated each and every one. Oh, and thanks for all of your concern with my allergy shot! My arm is back to normal now.


If you may remember, last week I had five days of Paleo eating as an experiment of sorts.


Well, today’s the day that I do my recap! Here goes nothing…

I ate a lot of vegetables.

A lot of fruit.

And TONS of meat.

Okay, so the first two parts were okay. I really liked how I was eating so many whole foods. The third part though? Not so much.

I learned through this Paleo experiment that while my body thrives on protein, my stomach does not like meat. Not one bit.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop eating meat entirely. On the contrary, I will still consume it everyday. I will however, try to limit it to only once a day.

On Monday of Paleo eating I was very gun-ho to start this new lifestyle protein-strong. I ended up eating meat for all three of my main meals that day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which ended up creating one very bubbly stomach!

The remaining days of the week I only had meat once or twice a day and made sure to load up on tons of vegetables and fruits for my other meals and snacks.

Overall I was very pleased with myself! I managed to live without grains for an entire school week and I ate a good balance of both fruits and vegetables.

My main goal in going Paleo though, was not to see if I could do it, but to see how I would feel:

acid reflux- this actually got worse as I increased my meat consumption.

acne-I noticed that the more meat I ate, the more oily my face got.

allergies (food and seasonal)- This is too hard to measure in the short run. Overall I felt fine though.

circulation- Again, too hard to determine whether eating Paleo helped my circulation problems.

cravings- My cravings for grains and sweets went down significantly. Instead I craved protein and fresh produce.

calorie counting-While eating Paleo surprisingly I didn’t think that much about counting calories. I ate when I was hungry, and because lean protein and produce are so low in calories, I rarely overate. The funny thing was though, I actually was hungrier… Almost constantly my stomach was growling. Now, this could point to one of two things: First, this could indicate that grains fill me up better, because they are higher in fiber. Second, this could actually show me that when I eat grains, they don’t react well with my stomach, which messes up all of my hunger signals. Either way, I know that when I eat a lot of grains I feel fuller faster, sometimes too fast actually, sometimes when I haven’t eaten enough calories yet.

reactive hypoglycemia- Sometimes when I get too many carbohydrates and sugars, I get light headed and my blood sugar drops. With Paleo though, I ate so much protein that it actually helped counteract this.

weight loss- I don’t think I can measure the effectiveness of Paleo in regards to weight loss because it only lasted five days. However, I did feel much less bloated while on Paleo. For once I didn’t go to bed with my stomach bloated, hoping that it would be back to normal the next morning. That was a nice feeling. Also, when I went home this past weekend, it was the lowest number that I had seen on the scale since March. I gained some weight because of my food allergies, and I think that this shows that while I may not be allergic to grains, my body is probably better off without them.

So, what’s my conclusion?

Well, for now, I’ve decided to stay away from quinoa flakes. I don’t need to have them in my life. Don’t get be wrong, I LOVE them, but for now I want to see how I do without them for a longer period of time.

What I have decided is that I am going to start using protein powder again. Yes, my protein powder does come from rice, a grain, but I feel that the benefits of its protein and amjno acid content outweigh the harm here. I have also decided to bring back stevia for now. It has been cited recently that using stevia may help lower blood sugar and in the past, Native Americans used it to reduce inflammation (perfect for healing my stomach!). Whether or not these claims are accurate, I like using it, and I will continue to use it until I have a reason to stop.

And that wraps up my little Paleo adventure for now. My goal is to keep on doing a modified Paleo of sorts to complete a full 30 days, which at the end of I will test out how I feel with adding back in quinoa flakes. I also want to try and have a few days a week protein powder-free, but so far I have not accomplished this… Which leads us right into this week’s WIAW flashback theme: Falling into Good Habits.

My goal that I want to “fall” into is to eat two completely Paleo days before next Wednesday. I have also been slacking on my Thanksgiving workout and Plank Challenge, so I need to get motivated to do those more too. Wish me luck!

And now, onto some of my meals from my 5 days of Paleo, and some of the recipes from my food over the weekend:


One of the breakfasts that I had this weekend was a spin on my banana protein bread… Apple protein bread! It’s very crumbly and not at all like my banana protein bread, but I like it! To make it I just combined some apple butter that I made (recipe later in post), which brown rice protein powder, water, baking powder, and apple chunks (stevia optional for sweetener, but I did not use). I mixed all of the ingredients together in a small jar and microwaved it for about 3 minutes.


I sure ate a ton of salads last week! Here is one with my favorite combo- chicken, grapes and cucumbers:

Another lunch that I had recently involved a new squash recipe that I am going to share with you all… It’s spaghetti squash!

And of course, I made it in the microwave (as if you would ever expect anything different. Pssh!)

How to Microwave Spaghetti Squash


  • 1 ripe spaghetti squash
  • 1 plate
  • 1 sharp knife (I actually used a butter knife and it worked!)
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 microwave


1. Cut the squash in half.

2. Scoop out the seeds and place one half on a plate.

3. Microwave the squash for 10-15 minutes and check it with a fork. Microwave for a few more minutes until soft, tender and done.

4. Use a spoon or fork to remove the “spaghetti” flesh from the skin. If it seems a little dry, put all of the “spaghetti” in a bowl, add a little water, and microwave for a few more minutes. The added water will absorb and make the squash much more moist.

5. Repeat for second half.

There are so many creative uses for spaghetti squash like as a substitute for pasta, used in casseroles, and even for breakfast!

I personally enjoy eating it plain though.

Or mixing in a little protein like I did with this lunch using tuna:

It’s never to early for a Christmas bowl!


Here comes another recipe! One of the recipes that I was dying to make was Oh She Glow’s apple butter. It took some time, but it was so good! I ended up making a smaller batch than what the original recipe called for, so it took about half the time. I’m going to share with you my modified recipe, but here’s the original just in case.

One-Ingredient Crock Pot Apple Butter

Makes about 1 cup

Ingredient: 1 pound of apples (sweet apple preferably, like golden delicious)


1. Use an apple slicer to remove the cores from your apples (A knife would also work, but an apple slicer makes it much faster).

2. Place the apple slices (with peels on) in a small crock pot set to high. Let cook for 45 minutes.

3. Add some water (1/2 cup approximately) and let cook for another 15 minutes.

4. Check the apple slices. If they are starting to get soft, using a fork or pastry cutter to mash the apples.

5. Cook for another 15 minutes. Mash again. If soft enough, put all of the “applesauce” into a high speed food processor or blender. Blend until smooth.

The “applesauce” should look like this:

6. Put the applesauce back into the crock pot and cook for another 15-30 minutes until thick. Blend again.

7. Let cool and store in a jar or sealed container.


Dinner last week was the usual: Grilled Chicken and Steamed Vegetables!


This past summer I made a lot of banana ice cream.

It’s a great replacement for the high-fat, milk-containing store varieties that I can no longer have. Sure, it’s Edy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but it fills the void.

This weekend I took my old recipe for a spin and made a holiday version! With pumpkin!

Pumpkin Protein Cookie Dough Ice Cream


  • 1 frozen banana (peeled and sliced)
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin puree
  • water if needed
  • 2-4 tbsp brown rice protein powder
  • stevia if desired (I didn’t use any)


1. Blend the banana chunks in a food processor until smooth. Add a little water if needed.

2. Add the pumpkin puree and blend.

3. Remove all but a few tablespoons of the mixture and put into a small bowl.

4. Add the remaining mixture your protein powder and blend just until combined. It should be thick and have a doughy consistency. Adjust measurements as necessary.

5. Then, add the dough to banana pumpkin ice cream. Freeze to make a more ice-cream texture, or eat as is!

And that concludes this week’s What I Ate Wednesday! Also, I (sort of) made three recipes on my last Friday Food Finds, so I’d call that…

In other news… Obama won the presidency.

Wait, that’s not what I was going to tell you (although on second thought maybe the presidential electionΒ is more important…).

Okay, guess which show may be coming back for a spin-off? I’ll give you one hint:

That’s right! Boy Meets World. Hence my the title of my post… A little play on words.

I guess that means I have you two hints.

Disney just announced that they may be creating a spin-off Boy Meets World tv show featuring Corey and Topanga’s daughter. And… the actors who played Corey and Topanga may just return to play their characters again!


That is all.


What is your favorite way to get in a lot of vegetables?

Do you ever have any side effects when you eat a lot of meat?

Have you busted out any Holiday houseware yet?

Did you stay up late to watch the Presidential elections last night? I stayed on the phone for almost two hours last night talking to my dad about the elections. He had on Fox and the local news station. I had Yahoo! up that I refreshed constantly to see which candidate was in the lead, and who was winning each state. I didn’t end up going to bed until almost one, but it was totally worth it! I still have yet to watch Romney’s concession, but as my dad said, I should because it is “part of history.” My first election that I ever got to vote! Exciting.

Wasn’t Boy Meets World just the best? I hope they bring back some other actors too, like the guys who played Shawn and Eric!

40 thoughts on “Girl Meets Food (WIAW # 16)

  1. This is so interesting to me about your journey with adding/removing protein sources. I have found that when I had more protein, my face was more oily but by adding more fat and subtracting some protein it got a lot better. Both ways though were LIGHTYEARS ahead of having a diet rich in carbohydrates!

    • I find that my face is more oily when I get my protein from meat, but as far as I can tell protein powder doesn’t seem to affect it too much. Maybe I should pay closer attention for the next few days though. I’m hoping this weekend that if my stomach feels okay I am going to try eating some nuts and see how that goes. I miss them so much, and I think I would feel so much better energy-wise if I got in more fat. My stomach would not be a happy camper though πŸ˜€

      And I agree, high carbs are no good for me either!

      • I would have weird stomach changes when using protein powder. I don’t use it a lot but do use it occasionally. The problem (that I found) with changing my diet so much was that it took a few days to really see what worked for me. I’d normally feel like crap the first few days no matter what and once my body adjusted it was much better πŸ™‚

      • You’re missing out on all the fats. Paleo IS NOT about protein. Not at all. IT’s about good quality whole foods.
        That includes a lot of fats (mark’s daily apple advocates 70% + fat, and a lot less protein). Fish (sardines, wild salmon!!!), liver, duck, grass fed beef, pumpkin, squash, potatoes.
        Avocadoes, olive oil, coconut oil, etc (LOTS of fats).
        Fruit, nuts, etc etc.
        Basically if all you eat is chicken and veggies, yeah you’re going to lose weight and you’re going to have a rotten tummy. You’re considering the whole wealth of what paleo really is.

        And don’t get me wrong. I’m not paleo at all. I eat grains and sweets and dairy. I’m not perfect. But paleo isn’t necessarily the “Best” thing for everyone to follow either. Not at all.

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Unfortunately I can’t digest fat. Like literally. Nuts, fat in meat, oils, nada. My stomach gets super bad and I have terrible side effects. There are many different versions of Paleo. I am just trying follow a modified Paleo approach, kind of like AIP with low fat. I have a lipase deficiency, so when I eat anything with fat, even small amounts like in chicken, I have to take a digestive enzyme. It’s something that I’m working on trying to fix.

        These things take time though. I eat way more than chicken and veggies. I have tuna and a lot of fruit too. Since meat bothers my stomach in large amounts, I am trying to supplement with protein powder as well.

        I would never say that Paleo is the best thing for everyone. It’s definitely not the best thing for me since I am allergic to some of the food it promotes like eggs, etc. But I like the premise behind it, and I think I do better without grains.

        Again, thanks for trying to help. I’m just trying to figure out what works best for me and what will be best for healing my stomach.

  2. I find I can’t eat a lot of meat idea. The thought of meat for breakfast makes me want to throw up. I can’t even do eggs for breakfast – I need something slightly sweet. I like the idea of going paleo but I can’t give up my oats – that’s pretty much the only thing I would seriously struggle with and I wouldn’t know what to replace it with. I have bookmarked your apple butter recipe – can you say YUM!! πŸ™‚

    • Haha. That’s basically the experience I had with meat for breakfast too. For me, breakfas is meant to be sweet, like fruit! Not chicken. πŸ˜€

      I wouldn’t have given up oats if I could eat them either. They are just awesome. And I hope you enjoy the apple butter! Let me know how it turns out!

  3. Can I just take a second to say how much I love this post?! These days, we’re bombarded with “group think” methods to eating — low carb, high protein, whole grain, no grain — it’s no wonder people (and their bodies!!) are confused. I’m 100% all about testing the waters and seeing what works best for EACH INDIVIDUAL in their OWN BODY!! That’s not to say that it will be the same through their whole life, or even the whole year, but finding out what makes you feel most energized, healthy, and satisfied is definitely the way to go!! I love how you kept a hint of skepticism and will be moulding it to fit your tastes, energy levels, and lifestyle. Way to treat your body well, take chances, and look for what’s best for YOUUU!

    • Can I just take a second to say how much I love your comment? Haha. Really, thanks so much.

      The way we eat should definitely be tailored to us, and no one else! I’m not going to follow blindly with something if it’s just not right for me. I love how you say testing the waters too… That’s exactly what I’m doing πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm…interesting “reactions” to a week of Paleo. Just as a side note, my acid reflux was awful when I was eating turkey daily (they later diagnosed it as an allergy). Maybe try experimenting with the type of meat you eat? So, one day of just beef, one of just chicken, on of just pork…I dunno, just an idea!
    It’s funny that we both tried spaghetti squash this past week! πŸ™‚ And I totally agree – I love your Christmas bowl!
    Fun post. πŸ™‚

    • Oh gosh. I really hope it isn’t an allergy to the type of meat I eat. Lol. I don’t think I could take another one! πŸ˜€ But no, that is some great advice and I’m totally going to try rotating tuna and chicken (the main meat that I eat) to see how I react with an without them.

      That is too funny. I hadn’t had spaghetti squash in awhile because I hate all the time it takes to prepare it. But now that I can make it in the microwave so quickly I’ll be making it a lot more often.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  5. Great job adjusting and things! I need to start doing food experiments soon now that my rugby season is over. Also, I love the last two things (Obama and Boy Meets World).. I really hope that the new spinoff is as amazing as the original. I stayed up watching the election, but only until like 11:30, after CNN and MSNBC had called it. Isn’t it exciting!?

    • The election was exciting. To be honest, who won the presidency wasn’t as big of a deal to me as just being able to participate and feel like I was part of something bigger then me. Even after the stations called it, for the next hour or so I kept checking the stats to see if they were wrong πŸ˜€ Haha. It was fun!

      Ya, some spinoffs are just no good, so I hope that Disney really takes their time with this one and that it’s amazing!!

      Good luck with your food experiments!

  6. Congratulations on voting in your first presidential election!!! This was my second! I definitely stayed up late. It was clear that President Obama won around 10 PM here and later we heard there was a party in the streets in our neighborhood and the police had blocked off the streets, so we packed up our baby and headed out to it. It was so fun to be out with so many people celebrating!

    I’m interested in how your modified paleo for 30 days will go! I look forward to reading about it!

    Your food looks really good to me. Meat and veggies and fruit are totally my style!

    To eat more vegetables I basically just steam, sautee or roast them and serve them on the side with any meal (including breakfast). I also have some vegetarian cookbooks (Moosewood) that I love and make casseroles, soups and salads from. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t gotten out the Christmas decorations yet. I’ll probably wait until after Thanksgiving because that is where my mind’s at now.

    • Thanks. For me I wasn’t too concerned with who won. I just liked the fact that I finally had a voice in who was elected. A few of the people I voted for got in office, which was a nice feeling! πŸ™‚ That party on the street sounds like fun!

      I love casseroles, but most of the time they involve grains, cheese or beans. I bet though that there are some recipes out there that I could have or modify. That would be great for a quick meal!

      I just happened to pick up the reindeer bowl at Wal-Mart because my glass one at school broke. My mind is definitely more on Thanksgiving than Christmas too.

  7. I’ve read your blog a few times through WIAW–but this is my first time commenting. I’m amazed at how you deal with your food allergies! I’m also dying to make Oh She Glows’ apple butter (& pumpkin)! Looks great.
    Congrats on your first voting experience! I stayed up a little later than normal watching the results, but not too late (I’m old, ha!).
    I try to get extra veggies into my diet with smoothies–or just by eating a giant salad or stir-fry. I actually prefer veggies lately to most things–well, I do love my grains.
    Lately, I’ve noticed eating too much meat bothers me. It’s mostly if I dine out, though, so I’m not sure if it’s the meat or the way it’s prepared.

    • Wow. Thanks so much for commenting!

      I’ve been dying to make a pumpkin butter version too. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

      Hmmm… that’s a good point. Almost all of the meat that I eat has been canned in water, or prepared by my dining hall. Maybe I should try grilling some raw meat when I’m home to see how my stomach reacts. Maybe it really is the way that they prepare it! Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

  8. Those are some great recipes! Your Paleo story makes me want to give it a shot (not long!) again just to see how I feel. Maybe soon….I already cut out gluten and all dairy but cottage cheese or Greek yogurt…hmmm

    Meat doesn’t seem to give me any problems, but I don’t really have a lot in one meal…..a lot of other things give me issues though!

    I fit veggies into everything I make. I make 2 protein smoothies a day and each one will have spinach, summer and/or winter squash, carrots, sometimes broccoli, and a little fruit. You can’t even tell after everything’s blended. So good.

    Yeah, Obama……I was going for Mitt. Sorry for any offense.

    That’s awesome about Boy Meets World! I used to watch that show every day after school…classic!

    Have a great week and thanks again for the great post!

    • I’m starting to think that I should have laid off of grains for longer as yesterday protein powder did not agree with me… Ugh πŸ˜› I can’t win! Lol. But you should definitely try it, because I honestly felt way better without grains in my life.

      I’ve seen so many recipes for green smoothies, but I’ve never really made one. I’ve added Kale to banana ice cream though, so i guess that counts πŸ™‚

      Oh, I didn’t mean that I voted for Obama. I don’t really like to share my political views with people… Online or not (Haha. I wouldn’t tell my brother who I voted for). I was just excited about the process in general!

      Boy Meets World was the first show that I was allowed to stay up “late” for. I think it was on until 8:30 though, but at the time my bedtime was 8:00. Haha. It was the best! And unlike so many shows today, it didn’t get worse when they went to college. If anything, I felt like it kept on getting better!

      Hope you have a great weekend too!

  9. Ha Ha, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read what you needed for spaghetti squash.. “1 microwave”. I don’t know why I found it to be so funny, but for some reason or another I did.

    I get most of my vegetables in during lunch time. My salads are always filled with a ridiculous amount.

    && my fingers are crossed about the boy meets world sequel. That may, if not of been my favorite show growing up!!

    • Haha. I just wanted to make it clear that it was “for a microwave” I guess πŸ˜€ But you’re right, pretty funny!

      Salads are a huge vegetable source for me too!

      Oh, I loved Boy Meets World. My fingers are crossed too that the don’t mess it up!

    • I haven’t had red meat in forever because like you my body doesn’t do well with it. I actually hadn’t made the connection with having an oilier face and eating meat before this week. I guess that’s why vegans always have such awesome complexions!!

  10. Okay so how in the heck did you cut a spaghetti squash with a butter knife?! You must have some serious muscle, girl! I almost cut my finger off the other night trying to crack into one lol

    • Haha. I honestly don’t know. It took awhile. I think that I wouldn’t be able to do it again if I tried πŸ˜€

      And nope, no muscle here! I’m super weak. Lol. Oh, and been there done that with the knife. Multiple bandages and burn marks (with the oven) to prove my clumsiness in the kitchen πŸ™‚

  11. I recently tried Paleo, too! I only lasted 3 days though. It was too unbalanced for me. But I liked how it had me eating more whole foods! That’s a lesson I’m definitely taking with me to the Thanksgiving dinner table. πŸ™‚ (BTW, cute blog! I just stumbled on it.)

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    • Exactly! I love (and hate) how all of our bodies are so different. It’s neat that we all thrive on different combinations, but at the same time frustrating because it would be so much easier if we were just all the same! πŸ™‚

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