What I Ate the Day Before Thanksgiving

Are you guys ready for another WIAW?

Just one more day until Thanksgiving…

It seems that the general consensus in my last Marvelous Monday post is that most of you do not like to go Black Friday shopping. I personally love it and can’t wait to find some good deals! Like I said before though, I go in with absolutely no expectations so I’m never disappointed.

That said, I’ve been looking through some of the Walmart and Target ads for Black Friday and just wanted to share a few things that I might be looking at buying:

Cheap DVDs ranging from 96 cents and up.

3-in-1 Vacuum for $8.84. So many fun colors- This would be perfect for my dorm room!


A 16 GB flash drive because I lost mine.

Micro SD card for my camera phone. My card right now isn’t full yet, but I do take a lot of pictures and always forget to delete the bad ones, so I’ll be needing more space soon.

Chrismas Decorations for my dorm room.


The items above all came from the Walmart ad. All items below are from target.

5 dollar CDs, especially this one from Adelle.

These pretty appliances for $8.00. I want that blue waffle maker!

Flannel sheets. I don’t really like the feel of cotton sheets. I use flannel sheets even in the summer. Yes, I’m weird. They’re just so soft!

I’ve wanted an infinity scarf ever since I saw Fitnessista do a post on them.

Now that you know my “secret” awesome list of Black Friday stuff, let’s move onto What I Ate Wednesday, Thanks Jenn!

Inspired by Peace Love and Oats, all of my pictures today were edited using PicMonkey. Just for fun, I added some text as well. Let me know what you think!


I came up with this recipe for a Microwave Protein Crisp after seeing both Chocolate-Covered Katie, and Liv Lives Life post recipes for Single-Serving Apple Crumbles. One morning, when my dining hall was out of bananas for my usual protein bread, I decided to experiment and came up with this instead!

I’ve made it a few times since then using different additions, and each one was equally delicious. You can use sliced apples or sliced pears for the fruit. For the crumbly top I would recommend using either pumpkin or banana puree for a sweet and moist texture, but I’ve also made this with just protein powder, baking powder and water and it still turned out fine.

Microwave Apple/Pear Protein Crisp

High protein, high fiber, no added sugar, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free


  • 1 apple/pear
  • 1/4 cup brown rice protein powder
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin/banana puree (optional)
  • water as needed
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder (corn and sodium-free)
  • stevia (optional- I omitted)


  1. Combine the rice protein powder, water, baking powder and optional puree/stevia. Add liquid as needed to create a crumbly texture. Put a small amount of the mixture at the bottom of a microwave-safe ramekin or plastic bowl.
  2. Slice the apple/pear on top of the mixture.
  3. Cover the fruit slices with the remaining mixture and microwave from 2-4 minutes until thoroughly cooked and fruit is soft. Enjoy!


My lunches almost always look the same. I just love the taste of sweet grapes and tuna together! I also had an unpictured apple on the side.


When I got home today the first thing I made was a microwave banana protein bread. My dining hall hasn’t had bananas for a few days and I was really missing them.

*I should note that for the past few weeks, whenever you see me eating a  banana protein bread, I am only using protein powder, baking powder and bananas. Sometimes I’ve used stevia, but ever since my Paleo experiment I haven’t been using quinoa flakes.


For dinner I again had what I always had, grilled chicken and steamed zucchini. While I was waiting for my chicken I also had a salad made up of lettuce, cucumbers, and shredded carrots.


For my snack tonight I came up with a super delicious combination! Cranberry Banana “Ice Cream” + Pumpkin Protein Bread (with cranberries!). The addition of frozen cranberries added enough sweetness that I didn’t need to use any stevia, but feel free to add some if you have a sweet tooth!

And that concludes this week’s WIAW!

If I don’t talk to you all before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!


What is on your Black Friday To-Buy list?

Have you tried PicMonkey yet?

Have you ever sponsored a giveaway before? I’m going to be hosting one on December 20th and could use any advice that you want to give! How long do you prefer them to last? Do you like having multiple ways to enter?

61 thoughts on “What I Ate the Day Before Thanksgiving

    • I used picnik all of the time for photo editing before, so I am so happy to find something equally useful. PicMonkey is awesome!

      Sadly, I didn’t get the waffle maker 😦 But I found a lot of other great deals! 🙂

  1. Wow, those prices are ridiculous! Now I’m a little sad that we don’t celebrate T-Day or Black Friday here in Germany.
    That cranberry protein bread looks really tasty. I love dried cranberries so much!

  2. I love Adell and those appliances are adorable…all the fun colors. Speaking of fun, PicMonkey is fabulous. I started using it not too long ago and my photos have improved dramatically, although it now takes even longer to do my blog. Oh well, trade offs right?!
    Your day of eats looks scrumptious and I love that you have a food processor in your dorm. That’s great. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great break from school!

    • My pictures have dramatically changed too, I think. But I’m not sure whether it’s for the better or not. Looking back, I guess they do look better. I think I need to work on the color and saturation levels though. It does take WAY longer though.

      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!!

  3. I am not a fan of Black Friday things simply b/c it seems too crazy and retailers act desperate for attention in their ads. But, those cheap dvd’s are pretty cool!

    Love the microwave protein recipes! They look tasty and healthy ad usual.

    I’d say 2 weeks is a good length for a giveaway and no more than 6 ways to enter. After that, it’s like a chore just to enter. Hope that helps, and have a happy thanksgiving!

    • I hate the fact that Black Friday now starts at 8 PM on THURSDAY. I feel like that is such a commercial scheme and it really cuts into the holiday. It’s totally my choice whether nor not to go, but like you said… Cheap DVDs!! 🙂

      Thanks. Microwaves + protein powder is just the best!

      Thanks for the advice. I’m really excited to host one, I just want to plan ahead and not mess it up.

  4. Um. Kinda want to send you a shopping list for me — those prices are INSANE!!!! Holy heck! I HATE battling crowds, but those are worth it. Even on THE biggest sales days in Canada (boxing day) we’d never see ANYTHING in the realm of that.
    Mind. Blown!!
    And I love your dessert — such a fabulous idea!! Ice cream and cake, but a healthier and dairy-free version. Fabulous!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Maddie!! xo

    • I would happily shop for you. 😀 The prices are pretty awesome.

      Now… is “boxing day” a figurative term for people tackling each other for the sales, or a literal day of athletic “boxing?” Lol.

      Hope you have an amazing weekend, holiday or not!

  5. I am totally on your side when it comes to black Friday. The deals are fabulous and the adrenaline you get from running around the stores trying to find every item on your list, I mean it’s just so much fun! Me and my family always end up with a good/hilarious story from the experience. I can’t wait!

    • My goal this year is to get at least one thing on my list. I don’t want to go overboard or anything and become one of “those people.” Haha. But I do want to get some good deals! It really is so much fun. Hope you share some of your stories on your blog. Best of luck! 😛

  6. I didn’t have anything on my black Friday list until now. An $18 waffle iron. Sounds good to me!

    I’ll have to try the tuna and sweet grapes. I like them both but never thought to put them together. Haven’t tried picMonkey yet.

    I used to only do giveaways on my site but it gets tiring. Two weeks is the best time frame. Advertise, advertise, advertise. Here’s a list from another website that is a great starting point for advertising: http://www.simplystacie.net/2010/03/sites-to-list-your-giveaways/

    • Actually, it’s only $8… Even better!!!! 🙂

      I really like the taste of them together. Let me know if you try it. I always thought that fruit on salads was really weird, but now I don’t like them any other way!

      Thanks for the tips, and that awesome site! I’ll definitely check it out.

  7. I definitely do not enjoy going Black Friday shopping (or shopping in general, unless it is for food), but those deals do look fantastic!!:) And that banana cranberry “ice cream” looks so delicious; I love making banana “soft serve,” especially with cocoa powder added to it:)

    • Cocoa powder is a great addition to banana ice cream. Have you ever tried mixing in both cocoa powder and a berry? Strawberry and chocolate “ice cream” is fantastic, as is raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry! 🙂

  8. First off, your lunch looks delish! Second, I CAN’T believe how cheap those appliances are. That’s crazy! It’s amazing you get an appliance for that little. As for the vacuum thingy, I’d check some consumer reviews first before buying. I had a similar carpet sweeper that was name brand and it was still USELESS. It drove me NUTS. It literally would not clean my rug. So, yeah, check into it first. It might just be a royal waste of $8 that will frustrate you for months!

    • Thanks 🙂 I was amazed by the price of the waffle maker too. Such a good deal!

      Thanks for the tip on the vacuum cleaner. I think it is a fairly new item for the company, so I couldn’t find any reviews when I looked yesterday, but the reviews for their other products are generally positive.

  9. Yes, yes you do want a waffle maker LOL. Those appliances are so cheap. WOW cheap and cute, I want them too. I’m very social claustrophobic so it isn’t that I hate black Friday shopping, more or less I hate being crowded near people.

  10. Wow, your list of things to buy on black Friday is really great. It almost makes me want to go and I hate shopping!

    Your meals look delicious as usual! I’m going to have to try some of your recipes.

    I gave you a shout out in my recent vlog and I’d love it if you checked it out. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  11. That ice cream and protein bread look so wonderful! We don’t have Black Friday shopping here (we don’t have Thanksgiving here) but I’d love to do it too. Us broke uni students need all the cheap stuff we can get! Have a lovely Thanksgiving! 🙂

  12. Wow! I am so impressed with how much you do in your dorm room/through the dining hall! That’s amazing, hun 🙂 I was definitely not nearly that creative in college! I could totally have used you a few years ago! That cranberry protein bread just got added to my must make list 🙂

  13. I totally saw those appliances while perusing black friday ads.. So cute!! I agree with hollie, I don’t necessarily hate black friday, I just hate being around so many people. It makes me claustrophobic. Also, December 20th is my birthday.. I generally prefer shorter giveaways!!

    • They are really cute. I think the idea of Black Friday is perfectly legitimate. The craziness that is the shoppers though.. Totally unnecessary!

      Yay for your birthday! That would be so cool if you won the giveaway. Hope you like it 🙂

  14. I hope to be hosting a giveaway this December too! 🙂 I like using Random Number Generator to determine it. I also like having separate entry options for those who don’t have (for instance) a facebook or twitter, but may have a pinterest or subscribe, etc. I myself don’t have a facebook or twitter, so I always try to make sure there are a couple ways everybody (no matter what they have) can enter.

    Your protein crisp sounds AMAZING! I added it to my bookmark list for Breakfast for college. 🙂

    • Awesome! I’ve seen other bloggers use Random Number Generator too, so that’s what I was planning on using. Good to have confirmation though! I have a Facebook and twitter, but just for personal use, not for my blog. I’m thinking that Pinterest and Subscribing are the two main forms that I’ll probably use. I definitely need to keep in mind the limitations of readers. Thanks for the tips!

      I can’t wait to see all of the yummy foods that you make in your dorm!! 🙂

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