Makes You Go “Huh?” (MIMM)

Happy Monday! Only 2 weeks left to go until Christmas Break. Wahoo!

If you missed my last two posts, check them out here: WIAW and Allergy-Free Soup Round Up.


My weekend was super fun, but probably not too exciting to read about.

Instead, I’m going to do a Marvelous in My Monday post on what makes me smile… “Search terms.”

I’m sure that you have that one search term everyday that makes you go “HUH?”

So, today I want to share the love and give you all something to smile about.

Here are some of my favorite, funny searches that brought people to my blog:

  • today im awesome- Yes. Yes you are. Add an apostrophe and you would be marvelous!
  • waffle pizza- Genius. Or not… Could you elaborate?

*Edited to add this awesome video I found online of… Yes. There IS such thing as a pizza waffle!

  • cheezit box- Oh boy. That’s what I get for putting the picture of a Cheez-It box on my blog.

  • And just to be nice, I’ll spare you the heartache of running across more cheez-it searches and just paste them here in all their glory: cheez-it box, cheez it box back, back of cheezit box, and back of cheez it box.
  • is quinoa excepted on paleo diet- Besides the need for a dictionary (where I think you will find that excepted is not the word you are looking for…) I will give you the short answer and say NO. Quinoa is not “accepted” on the Paleo diet.
  • Again… saving-the-heartache-here: are “quinoa flakes” paleo, can i eat quinoa flakes on paleo diet, and quinoa flakes paleo desserts. You can’t eat quinoa flakes when Paleo. It’s as simple as that.
  • alice no pais das maravilhas 1951– For those of you not fluent in Portuguese (or not in-the-knows of Google Translator), this means Alice in Wonderland 1951. Okay???
  • target black friday $8 appliances- Did you get one? If so, tell me where you live and I can totally take it off your hands for you. I mean, who wouldn’t want a beautiful, turquoise blue waffle maker for the convenient and oh-so-low price of $8?


  • walmart black friday vacuums $8- Score.


  • baking powder protein powder and water- Been there, tried that.
  • adorable prairie dogs eating soup- Although I will admit that could be adorable, I’m not sure you will be successful in finding a picture of that. In the meantime though, here is the picture that brought you to this place:

Sorry. No soup in sight.

  • high protein microwave recipes- I like the way you think. Tag: protein powder


  • healthy single serving bun- Right on! (<<< I now realize that phrase makes me sound childish and totally stupid… But I’m leaving it up because I love you all oh so much!)

Now, make sure to go and check out all of the other Marvelous in My Monday posts at Healthy Diva Eats.


Did those make you laugh and/or smile? They sure did for me!

What is the wackiest search term that you’ve seen so far?

How is your Monday going to be Marvelous?

27 thoughts on “Makes You Go “Huh?” (MIMM)

  1. Haha, I love those search terms!! People look for the strangest things on the internet…Prairie Dogs eating soup?? Where on earth would you find a picture of that?? I am definitely glad that Christmas break is almost here; I have 3 out of 4 of my college finals this week, so I am reaching the “finish line.” Though I definitely loved all my classes, it will be nice to have a break!

    • I just googled and “yahoo”-ed it and there were no pictures of prairie dogs eating soup to be found! 😦 I’m actually a little disappointed. Haha.

      I took one final last week, I have two this week, and then I have two next week. I like how they are spaced how. Gives me time to study (and procrastinate). Good luck with yours!

    • They always make me laugh too. I had seen Peace Love and Oats, and Fitnessista do these a couple of times, but for awhile there I didn’t have any interesting search terms. Now I have tons! Haha. But I only included the appropriate ones 😀

  2. MMMM. I love search terms that find my blog. My favorite from yours would be pizza waffle. Though waffles are a big pile of carbs and that is just what pizza dough is. So potentially you could make that?! Interesting LOL.

  3. I love taking the search terms that lead to my blog and plugging them into my blog’s search engine to figure out what post they lead to. Some of my favourites are “too hard too marvelous” and “things I’m thankful my boyfriend does”. The second one is probably my favourite because I actually wrote a thankful post about how I didn’t feel like I needed a boyfriend (met my boy less than a month later. haha). Also, I get a lot of people converting miles/kilometres who land on my page.
    I’m SO jealous of your cheez-its tag though!! haha. And the prairie dogs?!?! Jeepers. I’ll be laughing all night!! These are awesome! 😀

    • I’ve done that too. I plugged in the Cheez-it box searches on Yahoo! and Google to see if they really brought people to my blog. Nope. They must be using some obscure search engine that honestly… really stinks. Haha.

      I love yours! Especially the conversion of miles and kilometers. 😀

  4. Ha Ha Ha, those are great! I always laugh when I read how people come across my blog. I mean really, some things are just so random??!!

    Happy Week =)

  5. My search terms never cease to amaze me. For some reason I get “is Nutella bad for you?” at least once a week. I don’t think Iv’e ever blogged about the nutritional value (or lack of) of Nutella…

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