Have Yourself a Merry Little Playlist (WIAW)

This is going to be a quick post today as I have a presentation tomorrow in my Business class, a speech on Thursday in my Critical Thinking class, and two exams next week to study for. WHOA.

In case you missed it, here is my last post for Marvelous in My Monday featuring “search terms.”

I wish I could say this week is going by fast, but it’s not. Which is even worse when you have tons of studying to do, because then it seems like every page and every question is TWICE as long.

Oh well. At least it’s Wednesday and I get to do another WIAW post!

After you’re done here, make sure to check out Peas and Crayons for more WIAW fun!

Now, let’s get this party started so that I can get back to watching Netflix studying. (Man are these next two weeks going to be tough!)


Over the weekend I didn’t use any brown rice protein powder because I was out, so for breakfast I had butternut squash cooked in the microwave.



An Oldie but Goodie. A super large salad with red grapes, cucumber slices (hidden way below), a can of low sodium tuna, and of course, lettuce!



There were a lot of brown bananas to use up when I got home. Yay!

One of the things that I made was this Strawberry Banana Smoothie in a Bowl.

The bananas weren’t quite frozen enough to make “ice cream,” so I added some frozen strawberries and blended it to make this thick, luscious smoothie!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie in a Bowl


  • slices of 2 partially frozen brown bananas (about 1-2 hours in the freezer)
  • 1/2-3/4 cup frozen strawberries

Directions: Add all of the ingredients to a food processor or blender and combine until smooth. Place in the freezer to firm up if you prefer a “ice cream” texture and are patient unlike me! Eat with a spoon.



When I got home there was also a lot of zucchini and yellow squash to use up, so for both meals on Saturday I had sliced and steamed squash.


I also gave some to my mom, since she was the one who originally bought the vegetables!


For supper Saturday night I paired some steamed yellow squash with 4 turkey meatballs.

To make the meatballs I took 1/4 lb of lean ground turkey, divided them into 4 sections, and rolled them into balls. Then, when I was done steaming the squash, I just plopped them right into the boiling water from that. Just cover them and cook until they are done! About 10 minutes for me.


I ended up cooking up a whole pound of ground turkey into meatballs to take to school with me. Sadly I forgot them at home in the refrigerator. Oh well; at least I’ll have something to eat when I get back!



Like I said… Lots of food to use up! Here is what I did with two more large bananas. This time I planned ahead and put the banana slices in the freezer for about half of the day. Then I made them into banana “ice cream.” Delicious.


In addition to this week’s WIAW, I also want to add a little Christmas spirit with an idea that I got from Life of Di:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Playlist

1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Yolanda Adams

2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Buble

3. White Christmas by Michael Buble

4. Jingle Bells by Michael Buble

5. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

6. Winter Wonderland by Avalon

7. A Strange Way to Save the World by 4Him

8. Let it Snow by Jaci Velasquez

All of these songs come from my family’s favorite three Christmas CDs that we listen to during December:

WOW Christmas (2002)

WOW Christmas: 30 Top Christian Artists and Holiday Songs

Michael Buble’s Christmas

Jessica Simpson: The Christmas Album

Rejoyce: The Christmas Album

And now I’m off to practice for my Business presentation and work on writing my Critical Thinking speech!


Do you ever have to use up food when you come home from college or a trip?

What is your favorite use for ripe bananas? I think mine is pretty obvious!

Do you have any big tests coming up? If so, good luck!

What song would be at the top of your Merry Little Christmas Playlist?

40 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Playlist (WIAW)

  1. I love the WOW Christmas album 🙂 I need to find mine at my parents house and get it in my car ASAP! This is a great list. Thanks for the shout out…and thanks for sharing your list too 🙂

  2. Great meals =)

    I have quite a love to Jessica Simpson’s album.
    I usually use my bananas in either smoothies, or some sort of bake good.

    • Me too. I always thought that breakfast had to have some kind of grain or fruit. But the sweetness of the butternut squash is enough for me, and I actually found myself liking it more than my protein breads or banana “ice creams.”

    • You should go make some! Lol. I wish I could, but the freezer section in my dorm room’s mini fridge is not quite strong enough to freeze the banana slices completely, so I can only have ice cream when I’m at home 😦

    • Thanks! And about the Texas plate, do you mean the red, white and blue one? My mom’s kitchen is all Americana themed so just about everything in there has some type of flag, eagle or red-white-blue stuff going on.

  3. Ahh, Michael is essential to have on any holiday playlist 🙂 Have you heard his version of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You?? I hate that song, but I love his version. Listen to it!!! P.S. That butternut looks so wrinkly and caramelized and delicious, just the way I like it 🙂

    • I have! Super amazing 🙂

      And that’s a great description of butternut squash! When I cooked it for the first time, it almost seemed like it “melted” butter… Which now that I think about it is, that’s probably *why* it’s called “butter”-nut squash. Lol. Wrinkly is my favorite part though. Just a little chewy! 😀

  4. Great Christmas playlist! I’ve been listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album a lot lately. Cute guy, awesome voice – what’s not to like about it? I’ll listen to the other songs you listed later tonight to maybe change up my playlist a little :).

    Haha, and there I was wondering whether I was the only “crazy” person eating (kabocha) squash for breakfast. Thanks for making me feel less weird!

    What is your speech in Critical Thinking going to be about? That sounds like such an interesting class.

    • Yep. There is really nothing to “not” like about Buble 😉 #1 is definitely my favorite of this list, so check that one out first!

      Not weird at all. I actually prefer it some mornings to my traditional fruit breakfasts. *Grumble* *Grumble* as to that kabocha squash though. Still haven’t found any 😦

      My speech is going to be about the hazards of gluten-free in a restaurant or public environment. My “purpose” is to explain to my classmates why they should pay closer attention if they ever encounter a situation involving food allergies or celiacs disease. It’s still coming along 😀 Haha.

    • Yep. It was basically the greatest discovery of this school year so far 😀

      And thanks for the well wishes! After this week I only have two out of five classes to worry about. It will definitely be a relief when it’s all said and done!

    • Bananas don’t last in my house either 🙂 So I just look for the ripe ones at the supermarket. That also prevents my family from eating my bananas because no one is going to sit down with a brown banana and just eat it. YUCK.

  5. I love bananas but I always buy too many of them! I was so happy when I discovered banana froyo, because now my over-ripe bananas never go to waste 🙂

  6. Yummy, I have a couple of bananas that are good candidates for banana “ice cream” – going to make some right now, thanks to your planting the idea in my head 🙂 Fun playlist, too! I think I’ll have to borrow the idea 😉

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