Happy Herbivore Abroad Giveaway

Today I have an early Christmas present for all of you– A Giveaway!


About a month ago I signed up to be part of the 31 days of Giveaways Happy Herbivore Abroad blog tour. Today I’m going to share with you a lot of things about the new cookbook like my review, recipes, my interview with Lindsay, and at the bottom, four ways to enter to win a free copy of Happy Herbivore Abroad.


First, a description of the cookbook from the back cover:

In the last 10 years, Happy Herbivore chef Lindsay S. Nixon has lived in eight states, visited 46, spent a year as an expat on a Caribbean island, and traveled to more than 35 places abroad. As a celebration of Nixon’s jet-setter lifestyle, Happy Herbivore Abroad combines traditional comfort foods from home with international inspiration and stories of her adventures.

A little of everything—basics, comfort food, international cuisine, and travelogue—Happy Herbivore Abroad provides your palate with more than 135 of Nixon’s crowd-pleasing vegan recipes low in fat, high on health, and made with everyday ingredients. True to the Happy Herbivore creed, these vegan dishes are easy to make, easy on your wallet, and completely plant-based.

As they say in France, bon appétit!

My short, but sweet review from GoodReads.com:

I loved the little stories with each recipe, and how Lindsay doesn’t use a lot of nuts and oils in place of animal products. The flavor all comes from whole foods like fresh produce and grains. A great vegan cookbook.

Here are some recipe previews from the cookbook that I found around the internet:

American Jollof


Stuffed Acorn Squash


Thai Pineapple Curry


Vegetable Korma


My interview with Lindsay S. Nixon:

Lindsay Nixon headshot

Me: What will readers find is different in your new cookbook compared to your last two, other than recipes?

Lindsay: What I like about Abroad is that it’s so personal. There’s a lot more of me and my life in this book — my stories of my travels, plus all the international food.

Me: Your cookbook is already free from two major food allergens (eggs and milk). Do you have any recipes for those with other special diet restrictions (like gluten, corn, or nuts)?

Lindsay: Since my cookbooks focus on being low fat, they’re nut-free, except for maybe one or two recipes in each book. The majority (over 85%) are gluten-free or can easily be modified. Very few recipes have corn.

Me: What inspired you to write a cookbook featuring recipes from other countries?

Lindsay: I’ve always been a jet-setter, a girl on the go traveling constantly, but most notably, I spent the last year living abroad on a small French and Dutch Island, then bounced around mainland Europe for a few weeks. I’m celebrating my lifestyle, and those travels, in my new book.

Me: Of all the international places you’ve visited, which one surprised you the most with their vegan options?

Lindsay: Germany.

Me: Before someone buys your cookbook, what are some of the essential and/or obscure ingredients that they will need for a lot of your recipes?

Lindsay: I don’t use obscure ingredients — with all my books I focus on using everyday ingredients we all have in [the] pantry. There’s also a shopping list in the front of each book.

Me: I’ve seen some of your parents’ reviews of your cookbook recipes on the blog. Have they tried any of the recipes in Happy Herbivore Abroad?

Lindsay: They just received their copy a few days ago. They’ve made one recipe so far, the cassoulet, and they loved it! They’re really excited to have a new book on their hands on — they’ve cooked so much from my other books that pages are falling out.

Me: Right now I’m in college, so I have limited resources to cooking equipment like ovens, crock-pots, toasters, etc. Are there any minimal prep or microwave-friendly recipes in your new book?

Lindsay: Yep!


If all of that doesn’t make you excited for this book, I don’t know what will!


Now… Here is how to participate in this fabulous giveaway-

There are four ways that you can enter to win a free copy of Happy Herbivore Abroad (U.S. and Canadian citizens only… Sorry!):

1. Follow Eating 4 Balance.

2. Sign up for the Happy Herbivore newsletter.

3. Go to Linday’s blog and pick out one recipe from her website that you would like to (or have already) made.

4. Tell me your favorite place to travel abroad.

Leave a separate comment below for each entry. Make sure to include a valid e-mail address so that I can get a hold of you if (when) you win. This giveaway will last a total of 5 days. It starts on December 20, and ends on December 24 (or Christmas Eve) at midnight EST. No entries will be counted after that time.

I will pick the winner randomly, and announce who won here on Christmas Day as long as all goes according to plan. The winner will also receive an e-mail from me. If the winner does not respond back with their full name and a viable shipping address (again, only U.S. and Canada) within one week, then I will randomly pick another winner, of which the same rules apply.

48 thoughts on “Happy Herbivore Abroad Giveaway

  1. And my favorite place to travel abroad…would have to be Canada because that’s unfortunately the only abroad place I’ve been to! A tentative trip to Europe is in the planning stages for this summer though, I hope it happens!

  2. 4. Paris hands down. The fresh markets, the bread, the little old men playing bocce in the park…what a tasty adorable city. Take the underground sewer tour! Yes I like the unusual sights.

  3. So far my international travels consist of only Canada – which is great because it’s close to where I live in the PNW! Great veg*n restaurants in Victoria.

  4. Ah love this!! So excited that she has written another cookbook. I have a lot of food allergies as well, so I am glad that your questions were answered in your interview with Lindsay. I’m excited to see what kinds of inspiration she has picked up in her travels. The only place I have been abroad is Ireland, and it was fabulous. Absolutely breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and amazing music. I can’t wait to go back eventually.

  5. 3) Since I live on the Gulf Coast and my hubby is from Louisiana, I’d like to try Lindsay’s recipe for cajun chickpea cakes. I’m obsessed with chickpeas and always love cajun seasoning.

  6. So with that in mind, now I want to make her super-easy looking cheater pad Thai 🙂 And a coworker brought in some insanely good granola-bar-cookies the other day that she said were from a Happy Herbivore cookbook…I neeeed to find that recipe (so I can make another batch to apologize for eating all of my coworker’s cookies ;D )

  7. We have a tradition at home (we’re Polish) where we make a vegetable salad as a side to our Christmas lunch and I’ve been trying to find variations of the one we make just to mix it up! So, I found the German Potato Salad recipe and am intrigued because it has some ingredients I have never worked with before!!! So this would be awesome to try!

  8. Favorite place to travel abroad….. I’ve been to many, mainly as a child/teenager, but the country that sticks out the most is Italy. Other European countries have a good mix of the old and new, but Italy is just so striking and magical — like stepping back in time!

    Thank you for reminding me of great memores 🙂

  9. 4. It’s hard to choose a favorite travel destination, but I’d have to go with Paris. Such a romantic, exciting destination…and the food is to die for!

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    • Wow. Thanks so much for sharing that video. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I just LOVE her recipes. She seems like such a nice person.

      Really, thanks again for sharing this. I can’t wait for her 4th book to come out! 🙂

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