Marvelously Practical

When I was younger, Christmas was all about the “wow” factor. What amazing gift would my parents find to take my breath away? Can you say spoiled much?

This year, I got so many great presents from my friends and family. None of them had that “wow” factor though. At first this made me a little upset. I wasn’t looking for anything expensive or out-of-this world, just something totally unexpected, but totally perfect.

Hmm… That just sounds like a set-up for failure, doesn’t it?


Instead, what I learned is that I have officially grown up. This was my first Christmas as an adult. And by what I got as gifts, you could tell.

Like I said, I was a little upset, even disappointed at first. My dad asked which was my favorite and I had to tell him that I didn’t know. They were all great, but mainly just practical.

Now though, I’m so thankful for the gifts that I received. I’ve used each and every one of them already! When I was younger, sure, I got the pretty toys that I wanted, but to be honest after the first few weeks they sort of lost their appeal, never to be used again.

Practical gifts; however, are just that. Practical.

And I will be using all of these for a long time coming:



Greatest invention ever. It means that I don’t have to pay attention to road signs and I can  totally tune out during my car ride to school.

New Car Radio


Includes blue tooth, a usb drive, a CD player (the best part!), and I can customize the colors to whatever I choose.

Flash Drive


Needed one desperately since I lost my turtle flash drive. Whoops.

LED Light for my Key chain


A surprise in my stocking. Awesome addition to my lanyard of keys.

Headphones + Board Game


Noise-cancelling headphones. Big Bang Theory Game (similar to Apples to Apples).

So, I say this almost every week, but marvelous is my family. They know what I need better than I know myself. 

And marvelous is practicality! The dictionary definition of practical is:

practical– adapted or designed for actual use

Well then, shouldn’t all presents be practical? Things that we will actually use?

I do want to mention that practical can sometimes lead to being rude, so watch out! Yes, a barbie doll is a perfect gift for a young girl, and really, when was too many barbies ever a bad thing?

My point is, a barbie doll is completely unoffensive because it is something age appropriate, and a gift that you know will be loved and used.

What IS offensive is this list of gifts that I compiled together:

1. Self-Help Books. Maybe not on holidays or birthdays it would be okay? Or if the person actually asked for it? I received one for Christmas a few years ago and it just made me feel like an awful human being.

2. A Half Eaten Cookie. Seriously, one of my close friends got this as a present from another  friend. The other girl got hungry… There were even bite marks. Not even kidding.

3. Earrings. When my ears weren’t pierced… Thanks!

4. Soap and Shampoo From A Hotel. Yes. This happened.

And that’s it for Marvelous in My Monday. I hope that last list put a smile on your face and made you laugh a little!


Do you ever find yourself not appreciating all that your family does for you?

What is one practical gift that you originally despised, but have grown to love? I want to note that under no circumstances did I despise any of those gifts above. They just weren’t things that I could enjoy “in the moment.” Take for example my brother’s new laptop… Now THAT has the desired “wow” factor. Too bad I already have one!

Any rude or offensive past gifts that you’d like to share?

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27 thoughts on “Marvelously Practical

  1. I know what you mean for sure. One of the stinky things about growing up is that presents become much more practical and a little less fun, but I’ve come to realize that they make my life a lot easier in the long run. When I get giftcards for grocery stores and Target, I’m excited since that means I can save a little more money that month or that I can get something extra fun foodwise…makes it easier to get over any initial disappointment. I can’t say that I’ve gotten anything too crazy or offensive…I’ll think on that, though, and let you know 😉

    • I actually only got once gift-card-ish present this year, which was a certificate to a used bookstore. I’ve already used half of it 🙂 Grocery store gift cards would be the perfect practical present!

  2. I totally can relate to this. I got a lot of earrings and didn’t get my ears pierced until freshman year of college! I prefer practical gifts now for sure.

    • When I got that pair I awkwardly smiled and then tried to cover up my ears with my hair. I know it was their fault kind of for not noticing, but I still felt terrible! I bet you gathered quite the collection of earrings if you didn’t get your ears pierced until college! I had a few and I got mine pierced when I was eleven!

  3. I do get practical gifts, but they are usually ones that I asked for. That is hilarious that your friend got a cookie that had a bite taken out! By the way, I have those same ladybug earrings. Hope your Monday was marvelous!

    • That’s good to hear. My parents told me this year that it doesn’t get any less fun; it’s just a different kind of fun. For my mom, she said that she gets a greater joy out of watching my brother and I open up presents.

      The Garmin was seriously the best out of all of them. Love it!

  4. It’s hard to appreciate what you have grown to expect. Every once in a while I take a step back and realize how lucky I am. Unfortunately, it typically takes a sad/bad event to trigger this reflection.

    • Taking a step back is a great idea. I think that’s what I realized/accomplished when writing this post. I am incredibly lucky and sometimes don’t realize how much I have.

      And thankfully no terrible event to trigger the reflection. Wait. No, I take that back. I guess the elementary school shooting did cause me to first dwell on Christmas. It made me so sad to think that all of those wonderful people would never be able to walk down in the morning to see the lit-up Christmas tree, and spend all of that time with their families.

  5. I had the same exact thoughts when I had my first “grown up” Christmas. It’s normal girl. You did get some pretty awesome gifts though =)

  6. Most offensive gift was actually this year. My husbands grandma gave us a 2 Year Anniversary ornament for our tree and said, “Well, you proved me wrong – you made it a year. I didn’t think you would so here is an ornament to celebrate.” Good times.

      • I’m just glad that she is the grandma we don’t see all the time. :o)

        The first time that Marty took me to meet her, I knew she was a trip. We were about to leave and had started walking towards the garage when all of the sudden she was like, ‘Hey, hold on! Let me show you something!’ And pulled a handgun out of the side of her couch. I kid you not. Marty was already in the garage with his grandpa and I just kind of stood there in shock. She put it back within 5-10 seconds but it was definitely a very random, unusual moment.

        Again, we see her maybe 1-2x a year.

  7. It’s funny…my parents and I were talking about this exact thing after Christmas. We came to the conclusion that, when you’re younger, there are lots of BIG gifts, but as you get older, the gifts get smaller, more expensive, and fewer. But I couldn’t agree with you more – my family is what is marvelous, not necessarily the presents! 🙂

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