Thankful Thursday and PMB on Valentine’s Day


For this Thankful Thursday, I want to say that I’m thankful for my grandparents. Yesterday was kind of a tough day for me mentally, and a few things happened that were kind of hard to deal with. Not anything major, but still glitches in what I always hope to be a “perfect” day.

I was feeling pretty down and then what-do-ya-know. I opened up my MIS notebook and this card fell out:


I stuffed it in their unconsciously when I was packing up on Sunday. It’s was a completely unexpected surprise.

A Valentine’s Day card from my Grandma and Grandpa. I know it’s not as special as receiving one from a boyfriend or husband, but since I don’t have one of those it was pretty great.




I read over the inside a few times and it greatly lifted my spirits. It was just what I needed yesterday.

Speaking of mental challenges, I guess this is a great segue for PMB.


Physically- My stomach does pretty well throughout the week, but then on Friday it seems like every week I progress a lot and feel simply awful. Right now I’ve gone back to the start and am slowly reintroducing things again to see what was causing the problem. I think I’ve discovered the source finally, but we’ll see come Friday.

Mentally- Just to repeat, mentally I’m feeling scattered. I’m feeling pretty good with the quality of my school work and other things, but just little lapses in judgement show me that right now my mind is not up to tip-top performance. A little on the fritz, if you will.

Brag- I really hate bragging, so for this I am going to just pick something small. Remember when I talked about working in the concession stand in my last WIAW post? Well, I am pretty good at mental math and was able to whip up all of the people’s money back pretty with not too many mistakes.


So that’s it for this Thursday. Most of you probably have much more exciting details to share of amazing flowers, candies, candlelight dinners… And I will happily read all of them. But for this girl, tonight I will be sitting on my blue mushroom chair watching a Romantic Comedy on Netflix. Probably something with Matthew McConaughey or Kate Hudson. On second thought, I will actually be watching something much more dark and sinister:

House of Cards.


This show is fueling by “binge-viewing” problem. (Thank you Diane!)


What are you thankful for?

Anything to brag about?

Favorite Romantic Comedy?

Do you have a binge-viewing problem?

Ever seen House of Cards?

Oh… And Happy Valentine’s Day guys 🙂

12 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday and PMB on Valentine’s Day

  1. Aww my grandma and grampa usually send me v-day cards too and I just love it. It’s a nice little reminder that someone out there cares and is thinking of you. It’s so sweet 🙂

    • I think my grandma has cards for every single holiday. I just love them.

      When I was younger I would throw all of my cards away, but now I’ve started keeping them. They’re kind of nice to just look at once a year. Like you said– to know that someone is thinking of you.

  2. I actually read this post yesterday just hadn’t commented on it.. I have to say, I about teared up when I saw that your grandparents bought you a valentine’s day card. Way too sweet!!

    Never heard of House of Cards?? What’s it about?

    • I do that all the time, but quite often I forget to go back and comment!

      House of Cards is the first show made solely for Netflix. They released all 13 episodes at once, so you don’t have to wait around to watch the next one! It’s a political thriller/drama. So intense.

  3. I have several romantic comedy favorites: You’ve Got Mail (TOP FAV), High Fidelity, Runaway Bride, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, When Harry Met Sally, One Fine Day, Enchanted, and Serendipity! What did you end up watching?

    My Valentine’s Day was nothing super special. The only thing I did was cook Marty one of those heart egg in toast breakfasts 🙂 I had to work all day and then had bible study last night. You probably had a more eventful, fun day then me!

    Thanks for the shout-out by the way 😉

    • Instead of a movie, I ended up watching 5 tv episodes: The Mindy Project, New Girl, House of Cards, and 2 Pretty Little Liars. I was bored 😀

      I was planning on watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but Netflix no longer has it up.

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