Final Friday Confessions Before Spring Break

This post may seem a little random and rambling today. And that’s because it is. I have one more class standing between me and Spring Break and boy am I ready to go home!

To make this random post seem a little more organized, let’s do it in list format, shall we? Here are my Final Friday Confessions Before Spring Break.

Confession #1:

I’m sort of feeling lost on this blog right now. It’s not a feeling of “I want to stop blogging,” but more like a “What direction am I heading?” type of thing. Recently I have been posting a lot of recipes that I myself can’t eat. Part of me feels guilty for doing this because it’s like I’m advocating for food that I’m not eating myself. It makes me feel sort of like a hypocrite  even though I’m upfront about every recipe that I don’t try personally.

Confession #2:

Looking through my recipe page on this blog, I’m feeling very nostalgic about all of the food that I used to make. I have about a gazillion variations of microwave protein bread recipes and not much else, but it’s almost ridiculous how much I miss them. Oh, and peanut butter. This week I have been having a serious peanut butter craving. Melted on top of a crispy English muffin.


Confession #3:

I have an internship interview on the Wednesday of Spring Break. I told this girl in the comments of one of her posts, and that’s when I realized that I hadn’t shared it on the blog yet. I don’t really want to say much else for fear of jinxing it, or whatever else could happen by posting things in a public space. All that I will say is that I have very mixed feelings about the whole upcoming experience. Excited. Dreading…

Confession #4:

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in my thoughts. Then I come across a gif/meme on Pinterest and everything is better.

Cases in point-


Confession #5:

I just finished filing my FAFSA yesterday and my EFC was way higher than I expected. It’s one of those times where your parents are too “rich” for you to get financial aid, but not “rich” enough to cover all the costs. If my dad dies, Bill Gates, will you marry my mother?

Confession #6:

I’m liking this confession post way more than I should. It’s nice to get some of these thoughts out of my head and out in the real world. I suppose I should be confiding in my best friend or something, but you guys can be substitutes just for today, alright?

Confession #7:

Religion doesn’t come up on my blog at all normally, but today it will just a little bit. I’m Lutheran, which is broken off of Catholicism, and as such I celebrate Lent. If you don’t know what Lent is, it’s basically a time where you give up something for 40 days like Jesus did when he was being tested in the desert. In sixth grade I gave up pop for Lent and haven’t drank it since. The past two years I gave up refined sugar. This year though there was nothing I could give up in my diet that I hadn’t already. So, instead I decided to give up my negative comments about other people. I’ll admit it, I can be very quick to judge and criticize others. Thinking about it now, I talked snarkily about one of my teachers today. Completely unnecessary.  Overall though, I’ve been doing much better. I even gave up GOMI 100%. If you read GOMI on a daily basis, you should try giving it up for just a few days. I feel so much better without all of those negative thoughts floating around me. Monkey see, monkey do.

Confession #8:

I’m tired and should be going to bed now, but I usually just ignore these signs of fatigue and stay up late on the computer. As soon as I’m done with this last confession, I’m getting ready for bed. Over Spring break I really need to work on catching up on my sleep.

Confession #9:

I lied. One more confession. I promised a recipe from the teaser picture that I left you all on my last WIAW. Sorry, just not today. I also haven’t gotten to any of the comments yet, but I promise, I will soon.

Peace, love, and happiness… It’s almost Spring Break!!


Do you have anything to confess?

Did you give up anything for Lent?

What is the difference between a Meme and a gif?

Edited to add this last final image from Pinterest. I hope it makes your day. It sure made mine.

36 thoughts on “Final Friday Confessions Before Spring Break

  1. I’m loving this confession post. I’m planning on doing one myself one of these days. I hope you rock your internship interview- seriously! I know you will 🙂 Also incredibly jealous that you’re already on spring break! I’ve got two more weeks and I can hardly wait.

    • I’ve seen Lisa and Alex do them a few times and they just seemed to work so well for them that I figured I’d give it a shot. I can’t wait to read yours 🙂

      I’m actually jealous of you and your spring break. Haha. I would much rather wait an additional two weeks and have the chance of warm weather!

  2. Great idea to give up bring negative comments about others. I’m not religios but I do try to give one thing up for Lent each year. This year, it’s sweets. Working well so far!

    • Ya. I wouldn’t say that I was “religious,” because hate the negative connotation that comes with that word. But I do go to church and believe in God. (Note: Not that I’m saying you meant anything bad by your comment! Just popped into my head. Haha 🙂 )

      Sweets are a great thing to give up. Glad you’re doing well so far!

  3. Woot woot!! I’m psyched for you that you’re so close to spring break!! A week with your fam sounds perfect right now 🙂 Confessions posts are always the best for getting things off your chest (thus the reason I post them every Tuesday…I need more friends in real life, don’t I 😉 )….I really like what you’re giving up for Lent this year, too…not something you typically hear but something I think ANYONE could benefit from, so I hope you see some great results 🙂

    • It’s definitely something that others could benefit from. My mom actually gave up the same thing as me without knowing it! Lol.

      And I love your confession posts 🙂 I think they may make a regular appearance here.

    • Yes, I’m not giving up my vent sessions, but just those times where you bash other people and it’s really not necessary. I feel so much more positive about everything when I’m not putting other down (even if it’s not to their face…). Hands up for positivity!

  4. Random ramblings are totally the way to go on Friday’s!
    Hehe, Sheldon I love him.
    That show is awesome.
    I totally feel the same with those memes/gifs. I sometimes think my thoughts are so out there, until I come across some others ones;)
    Good luck with the interview love! I’m sure you’ll be amazing!

  5. I really love reading your blog…so you better not stop! 😉 i get what you mean about trying to find a direction or niche though. I’m not sure of my blogs classification yet either 🙂 Hope you have an awesome Spring Break!

  6. Aren’t confession post so fun and freeing. I know you’ll find your blog voice soon; it’ll be the one which just feels right for you, and in the meantime I’ll read whatever you have to say or not say. Good luck on your interview. Practice between now and then; believe me it will help, and I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you. Have a great weekend.

  7. “It’s one of those times where your parents are too “rich” for you to get financial aid, but not “rich” enough to cover all the costs.”

    I am in the EXACT same situation. That’s one of the reasons I was so adamant about making sure I get out in 3 years. It is so frustrating :/

    • My plan is five years, but that’s with a Master’s. For Bachelor’s 3 years is a definite. Glad you are in the same boat! Well, not GLAD exactly because that stinks for you too, but glad to have some company 😉

  8. Ahhh, confession posts…downright liberating aren’t they? Now let’s all burn our bras! Wait, let me go put on one of my raggedy ones first, no way I’m destroying this 50-dollar VS one! 😉

    Good for you on giving up the negative thoughts/judgements for Lent. I’m not Catholic but I’ve given up things in the past…last year I gave up ALL nut butters…it was HORRIBLE! Lol This year, when I thought about it, there wasn’t really any foods that I wanted to give up so I was going to stop cursing…but then I realized that it kinda keeps me sane! Hey, we all have our vices, right? 😉

    As far as I know, meme’s are still life pics, while gif’s are animated (moving) pics. Here’s one of my favorite gifs: Haha, gets me EVERY time!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, sweetie! Good luck on your interview! 😀

    • Your comment made me chuckle out loud. I’ve actually never heard the expression about burning bras, but I can totally see that as something that people do. My friends tried to convince me to do the bra-in-freezer once at a sleepover. I politely declined 😉

      I’m not Catholic either, but Lutherans celebrate Lent. Even if you don’t technically “practice” it, you’re totally right on. It’s an awesome time to give up our obsessions (Well, I guess you didn’t say that, but nut butter is definitely an obsession for some. Lol). We definitely all do have our own individual vices. 🙂

      Thanks for explaining the difference. Google epically failed when I tried to look up Meme vs. Gif, but maybe that’s just Google for ya. I normally have better luck with Yahoo! LOL. That gif is great 🙂

      I hope you had an awesome weekend too. Thanks for your well wishes on my interview. I’ll need them!

      • Freezer bra?! Ouch!! Lol And you were TOTALLY right in your assumption…nut butter is most DEFINITELY an obsession of mine…or at least it used to be. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for finding a way to enjoy it in my meals/snacks WITHOUT going overboard! Seriously, it used to be scary what I would do with a freshly opened jar! 😯

  9. #1. I get like this sometimes. Maybe try taking a few days off? It sometimes helps me refocus.

    #5. Ugh. BIGGEST pet peeve about college ever. I’m sorry but just because my parents can afford it doesn’t mean I’M super rich!!

    Love the Sheldon pic. I hope you have a wonderful break!!

    • 1. I don’t know. Maybe it’s all in my head and I don’t really have a dilemma, because I don’t want to stop blogging or take a break. Haha. Maybe I’d feel that way if I posted everyday. Thanks for the advice though, I might just do that if I get writer’s block.

      5. Exactly!


  10. What a fun post. I loved hearing all of your confessions. I know trying to figure out the direction where you want to take your blog too can be tricky & hard, but you’ll figure it out.. and until then, you’ll still have myself & all of your other fabulous followers reading your blog everyday 🙂 Hope your enjoying Spring Break so far!!!

    • I really do appreciate everyone who comments and reads my blog. And a special thanks to you for always being so positive! I love reading your blog and I’ll be a faithful reader as well 🙂

      Spring Break is going great so far. Lots of cleaning, and lots of baking!

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  12. I can relate to pretty much everyone of these 🙂 You are not alone. I wasn’t sure where my blog was going and had to take a couple days off. Honestly, I felt that school was a little bleh and was worried that my life was bleh. Want to hear something funny? I took to reading the humor section of pinterest and felt much better. I guess we all go through these tough times and it seems everyone has their stuff together, when really they are just as good as masking it all.

    Stay strong! Go read some more memes or ecards. Sarcasm = awesome.

  13. Now you have me all curious why you can’t eat all the stuff you post about. Hmmm,,,, I guess I need to read your blog more. Today is my first time here. lol.

    Good luck with everything going on, sure sounds like a lot for sure, but you got it girl. I bet you feel so much better just getting it off your chest, and hello, look at all the support. Blogging rocks, I love how awesome everyone is.

    My oldest is starting high school next year, and I’m constantly worrying about college costs. I think we are surely going to make it impossible for him to get any financial help too, SUCKS…. because like you said not rich enough to cover the cost, plus we have 2 other kiddos as well. Seriously scary!!

    Hugs, Bella 🙂
    Bella’s 40 Day Challenge

    • Nothing too mysterious. Just a whole bunch of food allergies and stomach troubles 😀 For awhile I just stopped baking entirely, but that was no fun, so now I bake for my family 🙂

      Blogging is awesome for support. You are totally right.

      Drill it into his brain that he needs to get some good grades for scholarships then! Lol. Serious life savors right there.

      Thanks for commenting!

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