Easter/Birthday Style WIR, WIAW and Survey

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes on Monday! They were very much appreciated and each one brightened my day, especially in the midst of mundane college classes.

Now it’s time for another party hosted by Peas and Crayons. WIAW!

To start, a fun ABC survey that has been circling around the blog-o-sphere for awhile (and I’m sure you are all tired of by now!):

A. Age: As of 8:01 PM Monday… 19 years old!

B. Bed size: Twin loft bed at school. Queen at home.

C. Chore you dislike: There is not really a chore I dislike per say, but the context that it’s in can make a world of difference. For example, ask me to take out the dog during the summer and I’d say OK! Ask me in the winter and I’ll give you the death glare though. 🙂

D. Dogs: Love them. I have two right now, one inside and one outside. Our cairn terrier Lilly is inside, and Riley our mix is outside.


E. Essential start to your day: My alarm clock, breakfast (no question about that, I would die from hunger without it), and brushing my teeth (<<< I hate going through the day with the feeling of having not brushed my teeth!).

F. Favorite color: Pink.

G. Gold or silver: I’m not much of a jewelry person at all really. I wear the same diamond earring studs everyday which are gold, but most of the time I tend to buy silver pieces because those seem to be younger/more modern.

H. Height: 5’6″

I. Instruments you play(ed): I can play the clarinet fairly well as I was in band for 8 years during school.


J. Job title: Past job titles: Babysitter, Tutor. Current job title: Student. Future job titles: internist, accountant.

K. Kids: Well, I’m assuming this is asking if I have any kids, to which the answer is a definite NO. However, I love kids. My favorite thing to do at church is volunteer or supervise in the nursery. And every summer since eighth grade (not this year though… *sniff sniff*) I worked in the nursery for Vacation Bible School.

L. Live: Midwest United States. Our house is in the country surrounded by cornfields on some 15 or so acres of land.

M. Mom’s name: Eh, I would rather not share that right now 🙂

N. Nicknames: Maddy is the only nickname that people ever called me.

O. Overnight hospital stays: A few I think… I had jaundice when I was a baby, so I had to stay for awhile because of that.

P. Pet peeves: A few “ranty” ones: people who cheat/lie and get away with it, social media hounds, when someone is constantly on the computer or texting, and when people can’t see how fake some others are.

Q. Quote from a movie: 


R. Righty or lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: Brother (16).

T. Time you wake up: Weekdays from 6:00-7:00. Weekends from 5:30-8:30… It really depends.

U. Underwear: ?? Yes. Underwear is nice.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Radishes and… That’s basically it!

W. What makes you run late: Anything and everything.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Do ultrasounds count? If so, I’ve had two of those.

Y. Yummy food you make: I would like to think that all of the food I make is yummy! 😉

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Monkeys! Before leaving the zoo each time I always begged my mom to buy one of those stuffed monkeys in the gift shop that you could attach around your neck with Velcro. It worked… About half the time.



And it’s time for another Week in Review!


  • I posted my usual WIAW last week with my favorite recipe for soup: Kabocha and peas.


  • On Friday I skipped talking about food for once and wrote about something a little more serious. All of your comments were so supportive and awesome! Look for a response from me soon!
  • As I stated in my Wednesday post, I was rather busy with school last week. Three papers and two exams. I feel pretty good about them all!


  • On Friday night I stayed in and watched this movie with my mom:


  • Don’t hate on Miley Cyrus or Demi Moore as it was actually rather good!
  • During the day Saturday I did a little shopping and got together a little present for one of my friends whose birthday happens to be the day before mine!


  • On Saturday night I went with my parents and met up with a few of my friends to the local Opera House to watch Oz: The Great and Powerful. 


  • Sunday morning I woke up to find this large post-it taped to my door from the Easter Bunny. Yes, it’s extremely childish, but it’s tradition! My mom makes up a small Easter basket for my brother, my dad and I, then she goes and hides it somewhere.  Any guesses where I found mine?




  • This year my mom was also inspired to do a little Easter egg hunt outside. My dad hid the eggs and my mom wrote down where they were (we’ve had trouble remembering in the past!). My brother and I each had six to find, his were yellow, green and blue, and mine were purple, pink and orange. At the end we were both left with one that we couldn’t find, and funny enough we both knew where each other’s was!


  • I made my parents some waffles for breakfast from this recipe (I used 1/4 cup acorn squash, only 1 tbsp honey and ghee for the fat options).


  • That morning we also got dressed up in our springy colors and went to church. Then afterwards we drove to a local Chinese buffet to have lunch with my uncle, cousins, aunts, and grandparents. (I had a bowl of soup on the way over and just a glass of water at the restaurant). 
  • Then when I got home I packed up everything for school and my mom gave me a small birthday present. Next weekend we’ll do our traditional shopping for real so that I can pick up a few things. 



  • Two episodes of Duck Dynasty were thus consumed rapidly by the family– None of them had ever seen it before!


  • And for those that worried about my lack of cake… I had some. Sort of. I had to get a little creative and made some flour out of dehydrated peas. Try it. Green pea flour is awesome!
  • To make the “cake” it was quite easy and for those needing nutritionally-dense food on the go, I would say it was rather good. Like a single-serving green monster cake!

Single-Serving Green Monster Cake

High protein, grain/gluten/wheat-free, egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free, paleo/Gaps-friendly



  • 1/2 cup green pea flour
  • 1/2 cup mashed acorn squash (banana or another mashed squash would work well too)
  • 1 tbsp organic honey
  • 1 tbsp organic coconut oil
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine all of the ingredients well. (I used a food processor- It will be a rather thick batter)
  3. Scoop into a 1-cup sized ramekin. Bake for 25 minutes. Eat warm or cool. This would also be awesome topped with a nut butter!

Hmm… Strange But Good worthy, no?


  • I took a few bites to satisfy my (green) cake craving, but no more because I didn’t want to be sick on my birthday from deviating from my regular meat and veggie routine! 😉
  • Boring-ness resumed just minutes later as I made my way back to school listening to some audio books in the car.
  • Then April Fool’s Day.

And that’s last week in review. I hope this one goes just as well, and I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday for real this Saturday!



Share a few ABCs about yourself!

How did you celebrate Easter?

What was the highlight of your week?

Have you seen LOL or Oz yet?

61 thoughts on “Easter/Birthday Style WIR, WIAW and Survey

  1. I think my favorite part of this is all of the family time. I love how close you are to them and how you guys enjoy doing so much together 🙂 i have to get my bum to the movies to see oz stat…looks good!

  2. What did you think of Oz? 🙂 It looks like you had such a nice holiday weekend. Happy Belated Birthday by the way! I’m sorry I missed the actual day – I have been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks but I’m back 🙂

    Also, I’m really intrigued about this green cake. Pea Flour? I haven’t heard of it before but I’m willing to try!

    • I thought Oz was pretty good. There were some discrepancies from the original, but that was to be expected. I loved who they picked to play Glinda the Good Witch.

      And thanks for the birthday wishes. No worries about being late 🙂 Glad you’re back!

      Pea flour— I think it’s totally awesome, but I pretty subsist on veggies alone so anything would seem great to me. Lol. I made my own by dehydrated some cooked peas and grinding them in a coffee grinder, but Bob’s Red Mill also sells a bag. It has a really good flavor!

      • I don’t think she was too bad in the first part, but when she turned *spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen it* green I think it just all went downhill.

        The china doll was hilarious. Such a little diva at times 🙂 And I wish I had a pet monkey like the one from the movie… Wings, bell hop costume and all!

  3. Well hot damn theres a lot to comment on in this post! =)

    1. I’d say brushing your teeth is a pretty good everyday essential. No one likes stinky breath
    2. I love all the family time you shared in this post
    3. I saw LOL too, and have to agree.. it’s pretty good
    4. Your mom is adorable with her little easter basket note

    • Glad to hear that you liked LOL too. I was hoping it wasn’t just a “I thought it was good” but “I was just blind-sighted by it being the weekend…” Haha.

      And I am so going to miss the days when I don’t get my morning note from the Easter bunny. My friends always said it was kind of childish, but for me I don’t it associate it with being a kid, just a family tradition!

  4. We’re the same age! Also, love all the family time here. That’s my favourite part of holidays. Sounds like you had a good birthday – I hope you did! 🙂

  5. That cake really sounds strange but good.
    Highlight of my week is a tie between a trip to the sauna and hanging out with friends.
    I haven’t seen both films. I’m on a sci-fi/super hero kick these days, looking forward to the latest Star Trek, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. Oh yeah!

    • Very strange 🙂

      I’ve never been too a sauna, but I’ve always found the concept to be really interesting! Hanging out with friends is always a highlight for me too.

      I’m dying to see all three of those too!!! So excited. Iron Man 3 comes out first, right?

    • That’s what I love about surveys. Learning about other people!

      I don’t really feel 19 yet. I was just talking to my friend who turned 19 the day before me, and we both agreed that we still feel like little kids. Lol.

  6. Wow, Madison, this is one chock full post!! Happy belated Birthday! I’m a bit confused on the recipe. Do you make your own pea flour? Are they dried somehow? Oh, wait…just reread it. Did you dehydrate the peas yourself or buy them some where? Have a great day!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      Ya, I made my own green pea flour. Just cooked and dehydrated them. Then ground them in a coffee grinder. It took A LOT of peas to make a small amount though, which is why I didn’t post instructions on how to make it. Bob’s Red Mill sells pea flour though so that’s probably both cheaper and a more efficient use of time 🙂

      I hope you have a great day too!

  7. Awww I love that your mum left that note, that’s so cute. I love keeping traditions alive!
    Yeah I think the one vegetable I hate are radishes too. I just can’t stand them.
    I’m intrigued about LOL. I might watch the trailer and see if I fancy it. I’ve heard good things about the Oz movie. Unfortunately they didn’t get the rights from the original so couldn’t use some of the iconic things like the yellow brick road, but it’s still supposed to be good.

    • Traditions are so great— They are at the root of basically everything! And I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the note on Easter morning. Definitely a great start to a great day!

      Oh, and the trailer for LOL kind of sticks, haha. But yes, you should watch it 🙂

      Overall it was really good, but there were some parts that I didn’t like. I didn’t notice the absence of the yellow brick road, because they did have a “yellow road” in it, but now I’m curious as to some of the other things that were missing! I know the ruby slippers were another…

  8. Happy belated birthday! I turned 20 on Saturday – lots of yummy cake and ice cream 🙂 I also actually just saw LOL this weekend, too. It was a lot better than I expected!

  9. lol! Wow I like the music joke. I use to play clarinet, tenor sax and piano…. gee what happened to my talent! I saw Oz and it was pretty good. Veggie that I hate would be cucumbers. Everything else I can eat in some other form like I hate raw tomatoes, but I’ll do totmato sauce 🙂

    • I have a few friends from high school on Pinterest that are “band geeks” so there are a whole host of music gifs that I’ve repinned. Love em! And yay for another fellow clarinet player! 🙂

      I used to hate cucumbers, but I guess being limited in what you can eat really opens you up to trying (and loving) new things! 🙂 Oh wait… I do HATE pickles though, so I guess I don’t like cucumbers in all of their forms.

    • Mike and Ike is one of my favorite too! Aside from the box obviously following the green theme, I was also super excited to see it because neither Mike or Ike was crossed out. Lol. That promotional strategy is kind of annoying. Lol.

    • I’m actually really happy to hear that other people liked LOL too. I wish it had a wider release in theaters. I think it mostly wasn’t successful because of who the star was, but that’s too bad because it was actually GOOD 🙂

  10. WOW this was a full post – love it! First of all, I’m stealing that survey. Easter traditions are great. My parents still hide a basket for me and my brother, but recently I’ve started hiding some for them, too! It’s fun.
    Those measuring spoons…oh my gosh. I love them.
    And I love the looks of that green monster cake!

    • Steal away. It’s funny but for awhile there I was doing multiple surveys a week… It’s good to be back 😀 haha.

      My mom hid something for my dad, but we didn’t do anything for her. She’s always said that she prefers to watch us open presents than get her own. I’m kind of the same way. I just love seeing people’s reactions! Next year I think my mom will be getting a little note on HER door from Easter Bunny Jr. :=;)

      Aren’t those spoons the best? I almost squealed out loud they’re so cute. I’ve been watching enviously at all of these food bloggers with their quaint little antique spoons and beautiful bowls. Still eating out of plastic bowls over hear… But still 🙂

  11. First, thank you for linking up. I love it and hope you keep coming back. Quite frankly, I’m fascinated by everything you shared today.
    Um, and yeah, where were they going with the underwear question on the survey?? Weird.
    Your family really knows how to do Easter from the post it note to the scavenger hunt. By the way I love Eating Well Magazine (I spied it in your basket); it’s one of my favorites. I want to know how the Oz movie was; I’ve been toying around with going to seeing it and oh my goodness your cake…tres, tres unique. Definitely Strange But Good. Maybe even the strangest but goodest (backs away from grammatical imperfection), so I’m glad I’m not participating this week because you would have blown me out of the water, and ya know how I feel about losing. You’re the bomb.

    • Of course I’ll keep coming back! I think your Week-in-Review link-up is a fantastic idea.

      I love Eating Well too. They are so much better than some of the other “clean eating” magazines that I’ve subscribed to in that they use so many whole, fresh ingredients in their recipes.

      I think you’d like the Oz movie. It was pretty good.

      I’m not so sure. Yes, my cake was pretty weird, but you always come up with the most amazing good (albeit strange) things to share! 😉

  12. Great post- I love ABC ones 🙂 I spent Easter traveling back to America from the Middle East, which took a total of 24 hrs! The one big 16hr flight was a killer, but I got upgraded to business class, which was the best Easter surprise ever! The highlight of the week was being able to shop in a health food store again because there aren’t any where my parents live in Oman.. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself 🙂

    • Same here. Surveys in general are just so fun!

      Whoa, a 16 hour flight does sound killer, but business class sounds nice!

      Yay for health food stores. We don’t really have any near us so whenever we see one when travelling we make sure to stock up.

    • And than YOU for sponsoring this awesome link-up. Sadly this week I don’t have anything strange to share I don’t think… But I will definitely still check out everyone else’s contributions!

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  14. Pingback: Marvelous is One Week Left | Eating 4 Balance

    • I know– they’re so cool! Good to hear that it doesn’t matter the age. I’ll have to let my mom know that it is completely acceptable to keep up her Easter Bunny role for as long as she wants 😉

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