Breaking Tradition for Tragedy

What’s this? A post on a Tuesday?! How out of the ordinary for me!


I feel like it’s okay to break tradition for today though, as I just want to express my deep sadness and heartbreak over all of those who were at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Both participants and spectators alike, this is such a tragedy and I wish with all my heart that we could go back in time and just, I don’t know, change history. Because that’s what happened yesterday. History was made. And definitely not in a good way. From now on the Boston Marathon will not be associated with just the positive, overwhelming elitism that it promotes for runners, but it will be connected with this dark and stormy cloud that has wrought so many families on Monday.

No, I’m not a runner, but I am a human being, and I all that I can say is I am so sorry that this happened.


For those of you who were either there, or knew someone at the marathon yesterday, are they alright? I pray that they are.

7 thoughts on “Breaking Tradition for Tragedy

  1. Runner or not, we are all effected by this. It has been and STILL IS my goal to qualify for Boston and I think the running community will show that whoever was behind this can’t take away what this race means to us all. We are stronger than that. Boston and it’s marathon will continue to thrive in spite of this 🙂

    • I completely agree with everything you said Lish! There have been many bloggers who have come out since the Boston tragedy last Monday and expressed their ultimate goal of running in the Boston Marathon. Such great aspirations and I think you can set anything your mind on! While I still will say that there will always be a little sadness that comes with thinking about the Boston Marathon from now on, I think that is just further fuel to the fire for runners like you to compete and like you said- show them that they can’t anything away from you. 🙂

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