Friday Confessions – I May or May Not Have


*Said in an extremely annoying voice*

If you can’t imagine that voice, just look at this picture and imagine it conveyed in voice form…


I haven’t done a Friday Confessions for some time now, but I figured that this would be the best opportunity to share what I may (or may not have) been doing recently.

1. I may or may not have… acquired a tiny sliver of the road rage that I’ve been chiding my mom about for years. People in cities are rude. People driving in cars in cities are CRAZY!


2. I may or may not have… laid back down one day this week after my alarm clock went off. 30 minutes later I woke up extremely worried that I slept in too long and would be late to work. Needless to say that won’t be happening again anytime soon (I hope).


3. I may or may not have… spent all of my break time today internet health diagnosing on the web. I basically typed in every symptom I had and scoured every single webpage that came up trying to figure what could possibly be going on with me.


4. I may or may not be… extremely excited for Pretty Little Liars to return next week. I both love it and hate it at the same time— is that even possible?


5. I may or may not have… an extreme book-buying obsession. Why oh why do I feel the need to buy more books when I already have so many unread ones at home?


6. I may or may not have… not focused quite enough at the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. It was cold. So very very cold. And raining. How could I possibly focus when all I could think about was my frozen toes?!


We look actually kind of happy here… That’s before the rain started!

7. I may or may not have… taken a grocery shopping break during my drive home last week. It took almost five hours, a full two hours longer than it’s supposed to. So about three hours in I stopped at Meijer to pick up some ripe bananas for snacking, a water bottle for drinking, and the Pitch Perfect CD for listening (since my radio has decided to play only two channels, none of which I listen to!).


8. I may or may not have… enjoyed grading tests for my mom over the weekend. I love tests.


9. I may or may not have… too many blogs in my bloglovin’. So many that I can’t possibly read them all in a day and comment on every single one of them.


10. I may or may not be… way behind on commenting/replying on my own blog as well. Thanks again for being patient!


I’m also planning on linking up to Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets with her Week in Review on Monday since this is basically my weekly confessions!



Questions for you: What is your Friday confession? Do you have road rage? I still wouldn’t classify myself as having it, but when people cut me off it’s hard not to get mad. If I didn’t hover my foot over the brake at all times I’m not sure I would make it out alive each day. Seriously. Did you have bad traffic last weekend because of Memorial Day? Are there any shows that you are looking forward to this summer? Does anybody else have a book-buying problem like me? Do you want to form a support group? 


38 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – I May or May Not Have

  1. All of my biggest pet peeves are traffic related. I wouldn’t say that I have full-blown road rage, since I never yell at people, flash the finger, or lean on the horn, but I definitely think nasty things about them in my head. And very much yes to wanting ALL the books. So many good ones just keep coming out, and I have stacks of unread ones at home. There’s just not enough time in a day to devote to read blogs AND books.

    • Oh goodness no– me neither. I have never flashed someone the finger, in a car or not. However, like you, a swirl of cuss words flow through my head sometimes when a driver cuts me off or a pedestrian dashes across a three-lane road during rush hour.

      I think my authors need to stop writing for at least a year so I can catch up. Not enough time!

  2. Ahh i totally feel you on both the book love and the road ragevin cities. The latter hits me every day on my way too and from work…i just don’t understand how some people think! Running is interesting in a city too…i love getting yelled at because people actually have to stop at a stop sign or red light when i’m inan intersection or fail to use their turn signal and have to stop when i keep going because of their lack of signal…good times 😛

    • I can totally relate to when someone makes a mistake because traffic is just crazy. But when someone purposely puts everyone else in harm’s way by their thoughtlessness (driving a billion miles per hour or running red lights) I have no sympathy.

      Same here. Especially when I know that I’m in the right (I’m a stickler for speed limits and only going to the 5 above rule if I feel like I’m going to get run over by my driving peers 😉 ).

  3. You and your mom are so cute!! I like running in cities but I hate having to dodge cars. Or waiting at stoplights. I CANT WAIT FOR PLL TO COME BACK!!!!!!

    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 I rarely (okay, never), post pictures of my family, but I figured a picture of my mom and I was pretty harmless! Now you all know that when I am talking about her— she’s actually real and not just a figment. Haha.

      How are you able to watch it being on the boat? Do you have to wait like me for it to come out on Hulu now? 😛

  4. OMg I get such road rage. I am usually quite a calm person but honestly if someone cuts me up it really bugs me. I see it as a good release haha.
    I do love going on the net and finding that a small niggle in my leg might turn out to be cancer…not. Self-diagnosis is a terrible terrible thing for the state of mind!
    I have sooo many books I want to read! My list is never ending. I love it 🙂

    • Haha. Yes, definitely better to yell at strangers than those you have to see on a daily basis 😛

      That’s a great way to put it. I’m never going to stop reading, so why should my list ever stop as well?

    • I bet traffic where you are at is crazier than it is here. Remind me to never visit you unless someone else is driving. Lol.

      I would suggest that we cut back… but where’s the fun in that? 😀

  5. YAAAH PLL, I am way too excited for it to return! I have pretty bad road rage, I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I am impatient when I want to get home..

  6. I can relate on SO many of these! I definitely have a case of road rage now and then, and the number of blogs that I follow is unreal. Oh, and self-diagnosing on WebMD? Yeah, I definitely used to attempt that all the time! 😉

    • I’ve had to cut back so much on my commenting. And sadly it’s not even logical– like, I don’t always comment on my favorite ones, just the blogs that come up in my bloglovin first. Then I run out of time 😦

  7. Ha ha I love number five. I definitely have that problem! Speaking of I need something to read now I’ve finished reading ‘The Help’ 😀

  8. I love so many of these.
    1. I remember the very moment I realized I had road rage. It was when I accidentally swore when my little brother was in the car (this was a few years ago). I don’t swear anymore, I just kind of yell at the other person. It’s pretty bad.
    2. That wake-up-dog is hilarious.
    3. I self diagnose myself allllll theeeeee time. It’s such a bad idea because I always walk away from the computer feeling like I’m going to die.
    4. I have a bad book-buying obsession too. I do actually read them all, but then I feel guilty that I spent money on something I could have just borrowed from the library. 😉
    5. I love grading tests too! It’s so fun!
    6. That quote about patience is wonderful. And definitely something I need to work on. Hah.

    • For some reason I just cannot for the life of me picture you with road rage. Lol.

      I will get to all of the books eventually, but sometimes I just buy them because they are such great deals. I think I need to weed them out and donate some. But let’s be honest— that will never happen. Haha. I hate getting rid of books!

      Good that you like grading tests because you’re going to be a teacher! 😀

  9. Well this was a fun post to read! I have diagnosed myself too many times. I swear the web gets ya with all the information. I mean yeah it can be resourceful, but sometimes it’s the complete opposite. Once I found a lump on my boobieee (tmi?), and totally thought I had breast cancer until I got it checked and found it was just a tiny cyst that needed to be removed! PHEW!

    • You just have to take everything with a grain of salt, which I think you realized with the cancer scare. I’ve found that it’s perfectly fine to research, and then I just bounce off all of the information I’ve gathered with my mom. She basically shoots down everything I say. Sometimes I listen. Lol. 😉

  10. Five hours to get home!! That’s crazy. What happened? Maybe you can get some books on tape for the commute. It might help while away the hours. I like your confessions review, although you should be leery of Internet diagnosis because they’ll have you thinking death is at your door. I’m with you on the blog reading/commenting. I’m so behind, and
    I totally have road rage. I’m working on it, but last night I lost it and maybe F bombs were uttered. In my defense, they are filming the new Captain America movie here so traffic has been crazy, and my ride took triple what I thought it would take, in the middle of dinner time, so I got really hangry on top of it all. Needless to say, I won’t be driving without snacks anytime soon. Have a great weekend!!

    • Memorial Day Weekend is what happened. GAH. It also happened on the way back 😦

      I actually have been listening to Lord of the Rings on audiobook during my long car rides. To break it up I just checked out Bossy Pants by Tina Fey from the library. It really kept me entertained for the full three hours!

      Whenever I internet diagnose, no worries because I don’t usually believe any of it. However, it seems that sadly the internet has a better record with me in being right than my doctors. It was only from my investigating skills on the internet that I even came across the possibility of food allergies (something my doctor vehemently opposed to me having. She actually said “There is no way that you have food allergies. Huh).

      I’ve seen some awesome traffic reports on the local news about the Captain America filming. Awesome but super annoying I’m sure. That stinks about your commute being three times as long. They said something about having their “traffic engineers” looking for possible solutions… Has it gotten any better? If so, send some of those people up here to fix the traffic problem that we have up here thanks to some lovely-timed construction.

      • I heard Bossy Pants was great.
        The traffic hasn’t really improved, but we’re taking shortcuts now so it’s only an extra 10 minutes a day. It’ll be over soon, and the movie is good for the city of Cleveland so I just need to be patient (not my strong suit). I hope your traffic woes die down soon.

  11. I wouldn’t say that I have road rage, but sometimes you just have to honk your horn. It’s a rarity for me but I will use it if need be 🙂 And yes, I DEFINITELY have a book buying problem. AH. So glad summer is here so that I can spend more of my time on reading! YES

    • Whoa. For some reason I am just in awe of people who have the guts to honk their horn! Haha. I’m not sure why– that’s why it’s there, but I feel like as soon as I honk my horn I’ll be like those annoying people on tv. Plus, whenever I get honked at I feel like crying. 🙂

      I hope you are getting a chance to dig into your stack of books! I have much less time to read than I thought I would 😦

      • There have been a handful of times where I have actually cried when someone honks their horn at me. I especially feel this way when I make a mistake and already feel bad. 🙂

    • I just want to comment on each and every single one. Not possible. I’m also hesitant to delete blogs (much the same as I am hesitant to give away books…) just *in case* I may need them in the future 😉

  12. I do have road rage. haha Luckily I don’t also have a book buying obsession. I frequent the library, which is much better for my wallet.

    • I seriously need to get a library card. I had one when I was younger, but it expired (?? I didn’t even know that they could do that!) and our local library isn’t very good, so we always used my mom’s at the larger library. I actually have a card for the town where I go to college, but that’s over an hour away… Lol. Not very helpful now!

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