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So I just woke up to 8 texts from my mom. She was at a business conference with my dad and getting bored so she decided to textbomb my phone… The first text that I missed was before 9:00PM. I’m pretty sure I feel asleep on my bed about 30 minutes before that though. The first thought that I had when I woke up was, “What happened?” Let me tell you what my conclusion is- Life happened.


This is a real freaking job people. With real ups and downs. Real long hours. Real customers who are sometimes happy, and sometimes not. And those not-so-happy customers will make you want to quit and just cry, but you have to keep on swimming.

When I woke up tonight after my unexpected nap at around 11:00PM I promptly texted my mom back so that she would know I wasn’t a. ignoring her or b. dead (although let’s face it- all mothers automatically assume the worst and always go with b). Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth and hopped back in bed. Yep, no need to put on pajamas because my sweat pants and volleyball shirt came on as soon as I got back from work.


It’s now 6 minutes til 12:00AM so I am going to wrap this post up fast with a simple round-up of links that I found particularly interesting this week. You should check some of them out because I think you’ll like them too!

First category- food for obvious reasons. Here are some mouth-watering-good recipes that I stumbled upon this week in WIAW blogs as well as Pinterest and other random places:

Grain-Free, Egg-Free Pancakes from Purely Twins


Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies from Peachy Palate


Vegan Caprese Baked Pasta from Edible Perspective


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups– Inside Out! from Chocolate-Covered Katie


Five Minute Vegan Alfredo Sauce from The Fitchen


Second category- food for thought posts. These are the posts from bloggers that really made me think, which in my eyes is always a major accomplishment.




Taylor Made It Paleo wrote a post this week with a new recipe for a Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash. In itself the recipe looks great, but not particuarly earth-shattering. What I found interesting though was her introduction where she confesses that she had a number people rudely point out to her that her macaroon picture had a blonde hair in it…. Really? Is that what people do now? Have they moved on from body shaming to food shaming now? Let’s spend our time more wisely people– like perhaps making Taylor’s macaroon recipe. It sounds like you had a bad day and good use some dessert to cheer you up.


Running With Spoon’s The Stigma of Healthy Living. I really like this post from Amanda because she points out the judgmental tendencies of bloggers and the effects that they can have on fellow bloggers- like feeling the need to not share everything we really ate for fear of being ridiculed or picked apart. Again, that’s not what this community is for! What I really appreciate is that Amanda pointed out these things without being judgmental herself. I feel like so many people have written posts on similar topics in the past few weeks, but have been quite hypocritical in the sense that while calling others out on being judgey, they too have been putting others down.


Third category- pinterest pins. Here are just a few pins from my boards this week that I thought were worth sharing.

Last but not least are some buzzfeed articles that I believe are either hilarious or thought-provoking. Most likely both. I swear, buzzfeed is one of my favorite websites these days. I can get lost for hours just browsing through their articles.

8 Foods We Eat in the U.S. That Are Banned in Other Countries– There really are some frightening ingredients in our food.


11 Mouth-Watering Pokemon Cupcakes– Who wouldn’t want to eat an adorable Jiggly Puff pastry?


16 Most Outrageous Things that Betty White Said– Oh man is she funny!


What’s It Like Playing Candy Crush– Although I’ve never played this, I know many of you do!


17 Delicious Ways to Use Up Old Bananas– I know you foodies will appreciate all of the ideas!


Now I’m off to bed for real this time! Tomorrow is Friday and this weekend I’m heading home to celebrate a few family birthdays (Happy Birthday Mom!). I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures of the festivities on the blog next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Share your favorite Recipe, Food for Thought post, Pinterest Pins, or Buzzfeed Articles from this week. Spread the love and put the links in the comments!

37 thoughts on “Buzzing Around the Web

  1. Awwr thanks for the shoutout, hun šŸ™‚ And for the other great links, too. The one about the foods that are banned in other countries is always kind of scary šŸ˜Æ And I’ve got a whole lot of bananas that are going to become ripe all at once, so I just pinned the banana one for some ideas.

    Happy Friday!

    • Of course! I still haven’t gotten around to writing a follow-up post on your great thoughts, but maybe some time soon…. If not, I just want to thank you for giving me something to think about at least šŸ™‚

      I just love bananas! Glad to give you some ideas.

  2. My mum completely freaks if I don’t respond to her within 30 minutes (if I’m not with the boys)….definitely a mom thing šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing some links to keep me busy while the boys are sleeping! Have a great Friday, girl!

    • Our cellphones are Sprint, so at least where I live the service is not the best. Therefore a lot of times our messages will say fail. On those occasions my mom seriously freaks out because she thinks something happened when I don’t respond for a really really long time. Haha.

    • Haha. Yep. As soon as I walk into my apartment after work I put a pot on the stove for my supper and then put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I give the excuse that I don’t want to get food on my nice clothes… but we all know the truth šŸ˜‰

  3. hahahahaha. i definitely don’t want to be right. 7:00 is a really late estimate. i am headed for pajamas within 4 seconds of tossing my keys on the table.

    it’s miserable. i used to be a crazy night owl. but that was when i didn’t have to set an alarm in the morning.

  4. Just checked out those banana recipes. Thank you SO much for sharing, they all sound delicious.. now if only I had a maid to whip up all 17 of them for me, Ha Ha!

  5. The Banned Foods list is FRIGHTENING! I wish the U.S. would actually take some of this knowledge and USE it šŸ˜¦ UGH. Also, the banana recipes are really helpful. I sometimes freeze my overly ripe bananas but I’m always up for trying something different too šŸ™‚ Happy weekend!

    • I don’t even eat any of the foods on the list and I was freaked out because that is basically my brother’s diet. Kind of scared for him and everyone else I know that eat’s processed food (basically everyone!!!).

      We have a gazillion frozen bananas in our freezer so I know the feeling šŸ™‚

    • We have quite a few browning bananas on our countertop. And about a gazillion more frozen. We love our bananas over here!

      Oh my. Thanks for sharing those cookies. I love the sound of almond butter and craisins in a cookie together!

  6. Oh geez, I have so much to comment on in this post! (I feel like I always do with what you write…it’s great!)
    1. I TOTALLY know how you feel. Working takes it right out of me, too. I have been in bed, sound asleep by 10:00 most nights. Such a party animal.
    2. Soooo many good food finds. Thanks for sharing!
    3. I laughed out loud at that ecard. It’s so scary true that it’s funny.
    4. I am an introvert, all the way. That little graphic totally got it!
    5. I saw Amanda’s post, too, and loved it for the same reason. A lot of people have been blogging things lately that, I agree, sound more like an attack than an expression, so hers was refreshing.
    6. Betty White and my grandmother say a lot of similar things. I’m not sure if that’s scary or hilarious. šŸ˜‰

    • Aw. Thanks Olivia. The first part of your comment made me smile šŸ™‚ As did the rest of it as well. I love our back and forth epic novels of comments. Haha.

      1. Some days I impress myself and am able to stay up to 11:00 or so. And then sometimes I surprise myself by heading in the opposite direction and falling asleep at 8:30 (yep… that happened this week šŸ˜‰ ).
      3. That seems to be the same response that I have with scary information. Like when I found out about my allergies. First I laughed, then I cried… Haha. It’s like the stages of grief sort of.
      5. Definitely refreshing. Glad you agree!
      6. That is totally awesome. My grandma says some funny stuff, but no where near as funny as Betty White.

  7. I’m in pajamas now and it’s only 4.
    All of those food pictures look amazing, and I searched and searched and couldn’t find the blonde hair. The only thing I’d be concerned about is if the chef wasn’t a blond.
    I love the introvert picture; it’s right up my alley. Happy Birthday to your mom too.

  8. I love everything about this post! There are nights I’m asleep before 9 an sometimes it jut feels wonderful! Those nights are much better than the ones when I don’t get to sleep before 2 or 3. My stepfamily all live in England and I think it’s so funny the foods my stepbrother always brings back for my nephew, like lucky charms, because they aren’t allowed over there.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Even though I’m not very happy with myself when I fall asleep early, I will admit that I feel tons better with an early bedtime. Why can’t it just be the other way around?!

      I seriously think I was born in the wrong country. Haha. Reading over the food posts of blogger in other places, as well as just seeing what their traditional meals consist of, they just eat so much better than most of America! The big melting pot indeed. All of our ancestors must have been the bakers of the family with how much we like our desserts over here. Lol.

      I bet it’s fun to get Christmas presents for your nephew! Just head down the grocery aisle and pick up some fun junk food šŸ™‚

  9. That ‘8 Foods We Eat in the U.S….’ list is just shocking. I seriously cannot believe what gets through the FDA in this country. We’re killing ourselves. Slowly but surely… šŸ˜¦

  10. I should teach my mom to text she just calls…repeatedly…which is really awkward when I forget to turn my phone off in class…not that I’ve done that šŸ™‚

    Great sum up of fun things (except that buzzfeed article on food that was scary!)! Get some sleep and feel better!!

    • I have fallen into the habit of turning off my phone whenever I walk into class. I hate embarrassing situations so I could only imagine how awkward that would be if my phone rang during a lecture! I’m actually a little too paranoid in that when I go to interviews I actually REMOVE the battery from my phone just to add an extra layer of precaution. Bahaha. Typing that out makes me feel like an old nut.

  11. I LOVE that post from Amanda (so glad you linked to it!) because I totally agree with her. And I know what you mean about sometimes customers are happy and sometimes they aren’t (and sometimes they’re mean!) haha. Hang in there, girl!

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