Do you ever read something, whether it be a blog post, a newspaper article, a book or even just a sign, and begin to wonder… and wonder… and wonder… and wonder… And then you end up on an entirely different, albeit inspired, plane of thinking?

Some may call this an attention problem. I call it an imaginative, developed, and interactive mind.

Let’s go with a shorter description though, coined famous by Olivander from Harry Potter. “Curious.”

Here are a few completely unrelated, but definitely thought-provoking ideas that I’ve come across in the past week or so.

First and foremost, the concept that there are books out there that when paired together, rival the likes of peanut butter and jelly. The Barnes and Noble blog gave a list that I’ll admit I haven’t much of. The post did cause me to think about what books that I have read that I feel would pair well together though.


I think that The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Hunger Games would be interesting when read simultaneously.Β They both bring up the contrast between the more primal/natural method of surviving by hunting Β compared to the world that we live in today where we take advantage of/have even distorted how we perceive food.


Two other books that come to mind with this metaphor are The BFG and The Little Prince. Both are books that I read when I was much younger, but they both are great in the fact that they explore out-of-the-box thinking and go farther than what’s perceived as possible.


From that group of thoughts came another. I’ve already shared my love of reading several times. I’ve loved reading ever since Elementary school when I read my first chapter book, Amelia Bedelia. Last Friday in the comments of my post a lot of us chatted about how we really enjoy rereading books. What I personally didn’t differentiate between though was what kind of books I tend to reread.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I mainly only reread books that I’ve acquired in the last 6 or so years. I haven’t reread any books that I read in my “younger days.” I probably would actually enjoy those books immensely. But I’m also scared that I won’t. What if I don’t like them and by rereading them I taint the memory of all of the books that I perceived as being wonderful during my childhood?

Specific books that comes to mind are The Magic Treehouse, Nancy Drew, The Mandie Series, and The Boxcar Children. I highly doubt that I will dislike them if I am actually to read any again. Still, there’s that lingering worry.


Which brings me to my final loose end of brain activity for tonight- Do you judge people based on reading? Not just what kinds of books they read, but also just on whether they do or don’t read?


I want to say that I don’t, but I’m pretty sure that I do judge people based on that factor of whether or not a person likes books. If I meet someone for the first time and I find out they don’t like to read, I kind of see that as a negative aspect or “weakness.” Sure, they can make it up by being a fan of any of a number of my other favorite obsessions; however I will always feel a special connection to fellow readers.


This post is not at all where I was expecting to go. Mostly I just rambled on about books. Which is just fine by me really.

RIght now I’m going to read another chapter or two of my current reading pleasure and then am off to sleep… Hopefully a dreamless sleep and not one full of faeries, goblins and shapeshifters (does anyone else dream of characters from their current book?).


Oh man, I’m so sorry you had to read all of that. It was so boring that as I was adding pictures last night I fell asleep.

Okay, so it’s not THAT boring, as long as you like books.

One last thought to leave you with today. Please tell me you agree.

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23 thoughts on “Curious

  1. I love that you fall asleep writing your posts, it’s very endearing hehe.
    I am such a book lover. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t reading a book. My parents are big book readers so I get it from them I think.
    I love it when a book makes me go “no way!” or elicits such a big reaction from me. They’re the best books.

    • Hehe. Hope you weren’t turned off by that little side commentary. Maybe I shouldn’t share that next time πŸ˜‰

      Even when I’m super busy I’m always “reading a book” too. I might not get the chance to read it often, but I always have at least one on my nightstand.

      Completely agree with the big reactions- if a book makes me laugh or cry it’s definitely going to be a favorite and one that I read again.

  2. I have a hard time understanding people who don’t read, too. I mean, real life is so dull… who wouldn’t want to get lost in an amazing book? I think that’s actually the main reason that I love reading fantasy books so much – I kind of, sort of, maybe wish I lived in that kind of a world. Ahh well, one can dream.

  3. This is awesome! I love reading, it’s a way of escaping life and being engulfed into an new world that is in your head..kind of weird sounding but true! That’s why I love books though you have strong emotions for characters and get to follow them through this journey that you might never get to do – hello fantasy worlds that you wish you could jump right into your self! Books are just a great escape and a place where we can dream!

  4. I’m not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of reading books. I started a book at the end of May/ beginning of June and I’m only 85% done with it (I know that exact number because my kindle tells me so). I more prefer to read articles than books. I’m the weirdo who would rather read something educational than fictional.

  5. I totally judge people on whether or not they like to read… It’s super hard not to! I feel like most of the people I’ve met who don’t like to read aren’t intelligent, but I need to keep in mind that that’s a stereotype and that not all non-readers are like that.

  6. 1) I hate to admit it but I judge people that don’t read too. I’m not sure why but I just don’t understand how people don’t enjoy books. There has to be some genre they’d enjoy- you know?? 2) How cool to pair two different books. I never would’ve thought of something like that! 3) I loved the Boxcar Children as a kid. I also loved Goosebumps and Nancy Drew πŸ™‚ And the Karen Little Sisters series!

  7. Ok you hit most of my childhood favorites with this one! I loved nancy drew, amelia bedelia, and the box car children (definitely wanted to be one of them πŸ˜› ). I jumped at the chance to take children’s lit courses in college so that i could reread many of my favorites and i honestly think i enjoyed them more now. I don’t know if i was super nostalgic over growing up but i wouldn’t hesitate to give some of your old favs a read πŸ™‚

  8. Gosh, Madison, I always love reading your posts because they’re so thought provoking. Not to mention I love your writing style!
    I hate to say it, but I definitely judge people based on whether or not they read. I guess to me it’s just a sign of whether or not I have something in common with said person, and by extension, perhaps whether or not I will get along with them.
    I very often dream of characters/plots in the books I read. I actually really like it…it’s so interesting how connected your conscious and subconscious can get. Great post!!

  9. I appreciate the randomness, as I have days (or nights) like that, too!

    I have to say, I don’t understand when people say they don’t like to read. I try not to judge, but I really can’t believe they don’t enjoy reading! I love reading before going to bed or while taking a nice bubble bath. It is a nice way to unwind and I look forward to it every night!

  10. I think reading is without a doubt one of life’s greatest (and cheapest) gifts- hours getting lost in fiction are some of my best childhood memories.

    I take some books very seriously, to the extent that I read the stupid Lauren conrad novel as my sister said it would be the only way for her to read harry potter. Ahh the sacrifises I make for that wizard!

  11. As soon as I read the word “curious,” I said it in my head in Olivandar’s voice haha.
    I wish I was more of a reader, and I do like to read, but I don’t read a lot (don’t judge me haha πŸ˜‰ ). I sometimes find it hard to find a book that I really like. But when I do? I finish it in about a day because I just can’t put it down!

    • I would never judge you! πŸ™‚ At least you like to read… those who don’t I just can’t understand. Haha. But I know where you are coming from- sometimes it’s just hard to find the time (or right book!) to read.

  12. This is embarrassing, but the reason I didn’t comment on any blogs this week was because I’ve been reading tons of books instead of blogging! I love the feel of normal books, but I’m totally cool with reading a book off of my phone or my Kindle. Reading is such a pleasure! Books are like portable magic that open up new worlds that I get lost in! Your comparisons are insane! The hunger games one blew my mind! I never thought of reading books that may be similar (or contrast) like that at the same time! That’s SO cool!

  13. This post wasn’t boring at all, although I’m a big book lover so that might have helped. It’s an interesting concept, pairing books together and now you have given me pause for thought.
    I’ve reread some of the books I used to read in high school; I’m talking about the Stephen King stuff and not the Sweet Valley High stuff, and I don’t judge people by what books they read. I myself am all over the reading spectrum; sometimes I like a good educational read and sometimes I like my smut. I do probably make a judgment about people who don’t read at all. Books are such a great escape and highly entertaining that I don’t understand not reading them at all. My thought is if you don’t like reading, then you just haven’t found the right book yet. πŸ™‚

  14. I love books! My sister and I have kept all our childhood books so when we go home we try to read some of the classics! From Enid Blyton to J.K Rowling and Roald Dahl to Agatha Christie’s entire works… I’m always excited to see what’s in the book case!

  15. Anything Harry Potter and I love it!! I actually can quote most of the first movie πŸ™‚
    I am obsessed with books and always enjoy hearing reviews and what others are reading!
    Ohh and I finally started a new blog with a little influence from you πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t understand people who don’t like books, that’s like not liking dogs, or sunshine, or happiness (I’m a huge bookworm!) I totally love the idea of book pairings, I’d never even heard of it before now but it sounds amazing.

    And I truly feel you on the fear of tainting your childhood memories, but I think some of my favorites from my younger years (Tamora Pierce books and the Inkheart series come to mind) have gotten better as I’ve reread them with age and a sense of wonder from approaching a book I know I loved when I was younger πŸ™‚ Give it a try with just one of your favorites you might surprise yourself.

  17. Firstly, great Harry Potter reference. Secondly, everything that comes out of John Green’s mouth is genius (especially that quote). Thirdly, MAGIC TREEHOUSE. Let’s love this together. Fourthly, I do reread A LOT. I read very fast and I tend to read books at once (like I will sit down and spend three hours reading a book) so I get through a lot. And I just love rereading. And finally, I do judge people on whether they read or not. I find people who read I get on with better as opposed to those who don’t. I am generalising, but when people read, I find it so attractive (not in a romantic way but a friend way) because I love to talk about books and be enthusiastic with people. I try not to judge on WHAT people read, because I am glad they are reading but I do. Not often, but I do. People judge me for what I read and I hate it so I try not to judge others. I don’t care if its Shakespeare or 50 Shades, a book is a book. Well, kind of, haha.

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