Snapshots When I Was Sick (WIR)

Stock photos make me cringe. This is the #1 reason why I have not looked back on my last post since it was published. The #2 reason being that I can’t believe that I forced all of you to read what was probably 1000 words on my swollen sinuses and wacked out dreams (oh ya, if you missed Wednesday’s post it was a really doozy).

Going back to problem #1, the reason that I had to use photos that I just found around the internet was because my computer decided that my phone didn’t exist when I tried to plug it in and import my photos. Usually a little box pops up identifying it as a flash drive or something to that effect. Now nothing happens. Zip. Nada.


On Tuesday night when I was feeling sick I didn’t really have any desire to manually e-mail myself each and every photo that I wanted to use and then go edit them on PicMonkey. So instead I resorted to stock photos instead of leaving my whole post pictureless. So really you should be thanking me for not making you read a post with 2689 words (I just checked).


I was not however under the weather enough to choose this one… Until now. Again, you’re welcome for the mental image that has now been burned into your mind for the rest of the day.

Today when I finally do have the desire to take the extra effort to post those photos I had to decide whether to go back and edit my old post or just show them off on this one. I chose this one.

So, here are my photos from the past weekend, in all of their strange and blurry glory. I think an experiment should be created where you give 6 professional photographers a camera and ask them to take pictures at the park. As one little amendment though I think that each photographer should be in a different frame of mind. As in: just woke up, ready to fall asleep, hyped up on caffeine, starving, and sick. Oh, and the sixth would just be wide awake, caffeine-free, healthy as a horse (another little history tidbit for you on that one) and not hungry in the slightest.

In the end, I bet it would be hilarious to compare the photos and would be quite easy to pick out what pictures were taken by which person.

Here is quite possibly what the pictures may have resembled of the sick person:


Me after my awards ceremony on Friday afternoon… Look how blissfully unaware I was of what was to come!


This is just a quick picture that I took at the wedding reception. I have no idea who any of those people are, except for that’s my brother’s arm in the bottom right corner πŸ˜‰


And this would be one of many plates that my dad got from the appetizer table. So much fruit. It all looked so good, and there was even little tiny metal forks to stab them with!


The retained earnings column that I texted a girl from my class when we were going over our take home quiz answers together.


Peppermint tea = lifesaver.


Such a classy mug. The poor lighting is due to the unholy hour that I was up at on Sunday morning (pun intended).


I was extremely fascinated by the quickly melting ice cubes in my tea. Time lapse- 60 seconds.


Here is Lilly checking up on me when I was trying to take a nap while my parents and brother were gone for church.


Here is the bread that I made. It looks on the outside, right?



The inside… not so much. This slice was about perfect after baking for about an hour longer. Ha!


3 lbs of fish! Getting the pieces is such a good deal because they are super fresh and the least expensive in the whole market because everyone wants fancy WHOLE fish.


My trash can stuffed with tissues. It just keeps piling up man.

I will be linking up these snapshots to Meghan’s Week in Review next Monday. I better see all of you there because the party is fun, fantastic, and just what you need to start the week off right.


Have a fantabulous day and an even better weekend! I know I will… Sleep is already on my mind and in my dreams (did I mention that I think my dreams have not been as funky since I’m starting to feel better?!)

Oh, and shout out to my dad even though he isn’t allowed to read my blog. I hope you feel better!

I think I may have gotten him sick too πŸ˜‰


Which of the six photographers would you be? I think I’d be both sleepy and sick.

What’s your favorite snapshot from the week?

Are you going to be linking up to WIR on Monday? You should start on your post now so that you don’t forget!

26 thoughts on “Snapshots When I Was Sick (WIR)

    • I must have been really out of it, because usually I read some of the text message shortcuts and I don’t even think I realized that was the mug that I had chosen. Haha. But you are right- it IS awesome…. And huge πŸ™‚

  1. Aww feel better! I’d definitely be the un-caffeinated photographer πŸ˜‰ I try not to drink caffeine in general because it messes with my brain (literally) but I’ve been having one of those really sluggish weeks where it’s super tempting to start.

    And yay for joining the WIR party! It’s seriously the best OCD-listy party around.

  2. I was sick all last week too, so your wonky post made complete sense to me. I’m so glad we’re getting out of this funk. Being in a daze(sick) and blogging is not a good combination! You look gorgeous in that grey cardigan! How you manage to look so beautiful whilst being sick is beyond me! I’ve looked like a train wreck all week!

    • Yes, my blog posts while I was sick for a lack of a better phrase “were awful.” Kind of just all over the place in my opinion!

      What a way to start the week. Thanks for the compliment Katherine. (I’m sure you looked beautiful as well!)

    • Lilly is a great little Doctor. Her kisses make everything better πŸ™‚

      Well, the problem was that in the first shot the bread had been baking over an hour and was still super doughy (like uncooked doughy) on the inside. The second, sliced shot is after me cutting the doughy bread, baking it for another 30 minutes, flipping, baking again… I think you can see where I need to simplify the directions a little bit. Haha. I’m pretty sure no one wants to slice unbaked bread!

  3. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. I hope you get better soon! πŸ™‚ Also, that bread looks so delicious on the outside! I’m so surprised what the inside looks like – I can’t imagine it tasted bad though (since the outside look so good-weird!)

    • I think it was probably the lack of eggs and maybe I should have upped the temperature higher. I have no idea but I’m not giving up! It turned out fine after I sliced and baked it like cinnamon rolls, so maybe I’ll just cut right to that next time… πŸ˜€

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