Marvelous Is… A Lot of Things (WIR)

Marvelous is…

An Accounting teacher who accidentally sends you the solutions to your take home quiz via e-mail.


My dear mother who decided that we were going to get festive and bake an entire turkey today for the fun of it.

The same dear mother who helped me package it all up to take to school with me for the week.

That my “week” only really consists of two days, Monday and Tuesday, and then I’m off for Thanksgiving Break!

Watching Catching Fire with my best friend.

Getting teary-eyed and goosebumps during my favorite parts of the book being reenacted in the movie.


The super deep conversations that I had with said friend on the 30 minute drives to/from the movie theater.

More thought-provoking conversations had later on with my dad over creationism and evolution.

Perhaps finding a new doctor to go see. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take months to get in.

Christmas movies on the television.


Television. It’s kind of refreshing to watch TV shows on an actual TV vs. my laptop.

My dad finally turning the heat on in the house.

Adding even more puppy chow recipes to my ever-growing Pinterest board.


Strawberry Cupcake Puppy Chow


Apple Cinnamon Puppy Chow

Helping to set up the Christmas decorations at church today.

My aunt’s amazing care packages that she sends me at school (I’m planning on doing a vlog about these sometime soon!).

Hearing about my brother’s slam dunks in his recent basketball scrimmage.

My new Elf For Health partner Divya at Eat Teach Blog.


The #Elf4Health challenge that I joined! There are a ton of fun challenges to participate in starting tomorrow! I will NOT be participating in Day 1 because as you know I basically subsist on meat and vegetables so going MEATLESS would be a terrible terrible idea. But Day 2 is perfect for me and my inboxes stuffed with thousands of emails…


So…. Tell me! What is Marvelous about your Monday?

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And what did YOU do over your weekend?

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What Katniss and Peeta Ate Wednesday in Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Recipe Round-Up

Oh yes I did. In honor of the Catching Fire premiere at the end of this week, I have assembled the ultimate WIAW featuring What Katniss and Peeta Ate Wednesday in Catching Fire:


District 12 

Greasy Sae’s Stew (Chapter 1)

Greasy Sae's Stew is famous for containing meat of questionable origins and even though Katniss can now afford more expensive meals since winning the Hunger Games, this is still one of her favorites.

Greasy Sae’s Stew is famous for containing meat of questionable origins and even though Katniss can now afford more expensive meals since winning the Hunger Games, this is still one of her favorites.

Tea and iced sugar cookies (Chapter 2)


When President Snow comes to visit Katniss before she leaves for her Victory Tour Katniss’s mother brings in sugar cookies ice by Peeta and some tea for the President to have.


Lamb Stew with Dried Plums (Chapter 4)

Hunger Games Lamb Stew

While on the train the attendants try to please Katniss by serving her favorite meals.

Hot Chocolate (Chapter 4)


Hot chocolate is another thing that is served on the train during the Victory Tour.

President Snow’s Mansion

Creamy Pumpkin Brew (Chapter 6)


Pumpkin Stew is one of the first foods that Katniss tries at President Snow’s mansion at the conclusion of the Victory Tour.

Frothy Raspberry Soup (Chapter 6)


This chilled soup is another soup that is served at President Snow’s party.

Capital 12

Fresh Bread (Chapter 10)


Peeta always has freshly baked bread to give to Katniss’s family. Katniss gives some to the runaways that she finds while hunting.


Warm Milk and Honey (Chapter 14)


Not being able to sleep, Katniss and Peeta watch a video of the Hunger Games while drinking some warm honey and milk that one of the train attendants made for them.

Training Center/Capitol

Sugar Cubes (Chapter 15)


Katniss first meets Finnick after the past victors are introduced, where he is eating sugar cubes by the handful meant for the horses.

Picnic (Chapter 17)


On the last night before going into their second Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta have a picnic on the roof of the training center.

Quarter Quells

Roasted Nuts (Chapter 20)


At first thinking they are poisonous Katniss tells Mags to spit out the nuts, but then she discovers that they are quite safe and taste like chestnuts when roasted against the force field that surrounds the arena.

Seaweed Bread (chapter 22)


The seaweed in this bread represents Finnick’s district and was a present during the games.

Spicy Red Sauce (chapter 25)


This spicy red sauce was a present from District 3.

Oysters (chapter 25)


Caught by Finnick, these oysters are the final meal of the competitors before they head into the jungle to finish their plan.


Don’t forget to check out all of the other WIAW link-ups today for some incredible meals and recipes!

It is currently way past my bedtime and I can assure you that I will be sleeping into about 7:00 tomorrow morning. Don’t be concerned if you don’t see many comments/responses from me for a little while because I have a huge sales presentation on Thursday that I need to get working on!

I hope you have a Happy Wednesday! 🙂


Questions for you: 

Are you going to watch Catching Fire? 

Which recipe would you be most interested (or not interested!) in trying?

Have you ever been inspired to make something after reading about it in a book?