Currently #3

Before getting into today’s post I just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts on Friday’s post. It means a bunch to me.


Right now I am riding a holiday high. Even though I am up to my eyeballs in tests, reports and presentations (3 in one class for example), the thought of Thanksgiving being only just over one week away is keeping me going. Then after that there’s only one month until Christmas. CHRISTMAS.

Just the word evokes a smile and the image of a million twinkling bulbs on a tall green tree. You know that feeling, don’t you?

Well, right now I am kind of in a positive mood, very unusual for a Sunday night, so I decided to skip any serious posts for the moment and instead update you all on some of my favorite things currently. Edition #3.


Current Book: Bitter Kingdom. The third book in Rae Carson’s series that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I actually went to a book fair recently and got to meet her in person so that she could sign my copy!



Current Music: All things Christmas. All the time. Scotty McCreery’s album in particular though. He has such an amazing low voice.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Facebook and Blog stalking. So thrilling, I know.


Current Nail Color: Does orange and yellow count from where my squash stained them? ūüėČ

Current Drink: Water from my Brita Pitcher. No nasty city water for me.


Current Food: Same old, same old.


Current TV Show: Arrow, and Nashville.



Current Wish List: So many things… Right now though I’ve been looking for some local doctors as I’m getting the courage to visit one again and see if a different perspective has any new insights.


Time travelling is NOT on my list of requirements though for potential picks…

Current Need: Thanksgiving break.

Current Triumph: Making a dent in my homework. I didn’t finish as much as I would have wished, but certainly more than I expected being that my weekend was full of tempting distractions.

Current Bane of my Existence: Teachers who think we only have one class.


Current Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio will always remain #1 for me, however I should probably diversify some. I’m kind of crushing on Josh Hutcherson right now. Watching his interviews he just seems tp have his act together. Pretty refreshing.


Current Indulgence: Cinnamon. Ya. I bought some at the grocery store this week and kind of have been sprinkling insane amounts on my food. I probably should stop because my stomach doesn’t seem to be dealing well. It’s just so good though!

Current Blessing: My parents for giving the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges to do things that I know I need, but do not want, to do.

Current Slang: Oh goodness. Not really slang. Almost the opposite of slang in that it makes me sound like an old granny.


Current Outfit: Blue Adidas athletic pants and a Minions t-shirt. (Remind me to take a picture and show you!)

Current Excitement: Catching Fire this weekend with my best friend!


Current Mood: Worn out.

Current Link: Recipe Redux. Among many.


And today I’m linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for Marvelous in my Monday!


Questions for you:

What have you been loving currently? Answer some (or all!) of the subjects above!

Are you part of Recipe Redux? Ready for Thursday?

Who is ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?!

Currently #2

Next week I have plans for tons of exciting posts. Mostly food of course.

There are the promised recipes for these:


And these:


I also created a new recipe yesterday that I’m positive you all will love.


It includes chocolate. And peanut butter.

There’s also some pictures from a trip that I’ll share either on Monday or Wednesday.


But… for now I just want to enjoy the rest of my Spring Break, free from the woes of photo editing and proofreading recipe instructions for accuracy.

Today I just want to share an update of a post I did in January about all of the things that I am loving currently.


Current Book: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


Current Music: Country radio station. In particular, I’m really digging the song Merry Go Round from Kacey Musgraves. My favorite line is: Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay/ Brother’s ¬†hooked on Mary Jane/ And Daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down. I love play on words.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Pretty Little Liars. What did you all think of the last episode. I’m conflicted because I’m glad Spencer is getting a little more air time, but I also feel like the episode went absolutely no where. Kind of a place filler. This girl was right.

Current Nail Color: I always go the cheap route… None.

Current Drink: H20. (I’m very¬†particular¬†about what kind though)

Current Food: Right now my favorite soup combo would have to be chicken soup with kabocha squash and peas. Yum!


Current TV Show: I’m about half way through the first episode of Bunheads on Hulu. I’m not sure what I think about it yet.

Current Wish List: Another week of Spring Break.

Current Need: A full 8 hours of sleep. Hmm… Pretty similar to last time. It doesn’t help that no matter how hard I try, I’ve been waking up at 5:30-6:30 every morning on break so far. That’s just not normal.

Current Triumph: I’ve kept pretty busy all break, no slouching off just because I don’t have school. Everyday I do about an hour or two of cleaning around the house. On Tuesday I went to the Dentist, dropped off something to my brother at school, went to the local butcher to purchase some chickens, and that night I drove about three hours to another state with my dad. On¬†Wednesday¬†I had my internship interview and then we drove another three hours home. Thursday I got a haircut (two whole inches. Yay!), went to a Chinese restaurant with my friends, and proceeded to do a little shopping. My splurge purchase? Dish washer soap.

Current Bane of my Existence: Those people who are all about themselves. You know the ones.

Current Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. Again. I’m not sure this will be changing anytime soon.

Current Indulgence: Not anything really that I’ve been eating. Just all of the baking that I’ve been doing for my family.


Current Blessing: Realizing that I have three more days of break. Better make the most of them!

Current Slang: “He’s a bum” when referring to my brother. I think it was when he refused to go shopping with me or something. Or maybe when he didn’t want to take out the dog…


Current Outfit: Maroon Nike sweat pants and old high school t-shirt (Old pic. Same shirt).


Current Excitement: The prospect of watching Silver Linings Playbook this weekend.

Current Mood: Tired. Is that a mood? Hmph. I’m too tired to care. Ha.

Current Link: Two more recipes accepted!


What’s on your current wish list?

What has been your guilty pleasure recently?

Am I the only one who hasn’t seen Silver Linings Playbook yet?

Me, Currently

WIAWs get better week after week, am I right? If you missed mine, check out What I Read On This Fabulous Wednesday. I also shared a new recipe made of¬†cauliflower¬†rice. It’s the first thing on my list to make when I get home tomorrow!


But WIAW is in the past for now. How about something more current? Like this super cool idea that I saw on the blog Chasing Chels yesterday.

The idea is to respond to all of the categories with what you’re loving most this minute. Think on some of these things as you read and enjoy!


Current Book: As I shared on Wednesday, I’m reading two right now. Frankenstein and The Search for Meaning. I’m also supposed to participate in a book discussion next week for Life of Pi, but that isn’t very likely to happen (it’s not for a class, so no penalty).


Current Music: At school- nothing. On my rides to and from school- whatever country music station is in range. Or I just sing to myself. Favorite song to belt out- Everytime We Touch. Such an amazing ballad line.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Army Wives on Netflix. I’m always a sucker for romantic war stories. I watched part of this series when it first came out, but had to stop because I was “too young.” Maybe 12 or 13?

Current Nail Color: All natural. It’s the new chic, or haven’t you heard?


Current Drink: Peppermint tea. Good for soothing my stomach. Speaking of which… I should go make some right now!


Current Food: Would it surprise you if I said soup?

Just call me Souper (Wo)man!

Current TV Show: Same as above. Toss in the occasional ABC Family drama (Pretty Little Liars or The Lying Game) or an something on antenna (New Girl, Big Bang Theory or The Mindy Project). Over the weekend I watched a few episodes of That 70s Show with my brother when he was sick.

Current Wish List: More time.

Current Need: A nice restful nap.

If only I was this cute when I’m asleep!

Current Triumph: Keeping up with all of my school work and not procrastinating too much.

Current Bane of My Existence: All of the boy-obsessed giggly girls on my floor.

Because one can never have too many quotes from the likes of the Foremans.

Current Celebrity Crush: Forever and Always. This guy:


Current Indulgence: Coconut Oil. On Everything.


Current Blessing: My sweet dog waiting at home to greet me.


Boy, doesn’t that face just say a thousand words?

Current Slang: Chill out. I say this to my dad on a daily basis when I’m at home. He hates that phrase… Then my brother started using it.

Current Outfit: A Snoopy T-Shirt that says “Futbol,” a pair of maroon Nike sweatpants, and red/white fuzzy socks.


Current Excitement: The fact that I get to go home tomorrow. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be making friends, having the time of my life, and “experiencing the world.” I do that for five days a week. Give me a break.

Current Mood: Laid back. Not a care in the world until I have to start my MIS assignment. Let the stress begin!

Current Link: In order from the top of my internet window:, {this post specifically}, {Cascada}, {looking at what “current” thing I need to write about next for this post},,


Does anybody else read WIAWs like it’s their job?

So, now what to leave you with?

Have a terrific weekend and Martin Luther King Jr. Day for those of you who do (or don’t) have off. For me that means three days of no school, but still tons to do. I hope everyone can find some time to take a break and just enjoy.

Happy Friday!


Pick a few of the “currently” survey categories above and answer them!

What is your favorite kind of tea?

What one ingredient do you put on everything?