Beach and Breakfast

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend.

I forgot to mention this last week, but right now I’m at the beach! Myrtle Beach to be exact. With me are my two friends and my dad.


My great aunt was so generous and loaned me her condo for a graduation gift!

We are having so much fun!


Here is a back view of our condo.

On Sunday we left at 5:30 am and got here around 6:00 pm.


It was such a pretty ride down!


These clouds fortold the light rain we would get about an hour later!

On Monday we hit the beach for some swimming and attempts at boogy-boarding. That afternoon we went putt-putting as well.


In the A/C!!

Sadly I never hit the ball hard enough and it always rolled back down those stupid hills. I came in last with 27 above par. Yikes!

In the past we have eaten out a lot on vacation. With my allergies however, I can’t really trust the kitchen staff to get it right.

On the drive down I ate tuna, bananas, prunes, carrots and a few baggies of puffed rice cereal.

When we got in Myrtle Beach we immediately hit the grocery store to buy some food. I bought grapes, more bananas, canned unsalted-grean beans, baby carrots, unsweetened almond milk, canned tuna and frozen raspberries. Came out under 20 dollars!

When we go to a sit down restaurant for supper I eat some roasted chicken before we head out. At the restaurant I order a glass of water and eat the carrots and grapes that I bring along. When I told the waitress that I didn’t want anything she said with a frown on her face, “Are you sure?” When I said that I had a lot of food allergies she replied, “Oh Honey!” Gosh. I love southern accents. I wanted to give her a hug right there!

Here is a picture of what I have for breakfast down here:


Check out my WIAW tomorrow for a very simple, but scrumptious recipe!


Are you going on any vacations or special trips this summer?

Any tips for some less-than-perfect boogy boarders?

How do you handle your special circumstances when eating out at restaurants?