Fun Facts Friday: I’m McQuirky

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Fun Facts Friday post so I decided to bring it back for today! In this edition I’ve gathered together seven odd (but fun) facts about me.¬†The title is also referencing Grey’s Anatomy, which if any of you have watched it then you’d know that two of the main characters were nicknamed McDreamy and McSteamy in season one. This post has nothing to do with television or hot guys… But adding “mc” to quirky just seemed like more fun ūüôā


Let’s get started!


1. I have the strange habit in the morning of never buttoning/unbuttoning my pants to put them on. I just pull them right on up. (What a way to start a post, right? Now you will forever think of me as the girl who doesn’t know how to properly dress herself).



2. Sometimes in my spare time I will go find unhealthy recipes in cookbooks or on the web, copy and paste them into a word document, and then create a brand new version that’s lower in sugar, grain-free, paleo, vegan, etc. Only a small percentage of the time do I actually end up making them, I just enjoy recipes in general. I’ve been known to even take a cookbook to bed with me and read it like a novel.



3. In high school whenever I have a rough day I would go to my bookshelf and pull out one of my favorite novels to read. Usually a J.K. Rowling, Sarah Dessen, Ally Carter, Rachel Meade or Cassandra Clare. If it was a particularly stressful days sometime’s I’d even settle down to my favorite childhood books like Nancy Drew ūüôā



4. Speaking of some of my favorite authors, the first blogs that I ever read actually weren’t food or healthy living blogs but author blogs. Meg Cabot was probably the first, followed by Sarah Dessen and Ally Carter. I still follow them all and read every single one of their posts.



5. I know a lot of people dislike watching movies pr tv episodes more than once, or ¬†having to read the same book twice… But I’m the complete opposite. Given the chance to watch a new movie or an old favorite (like Harry Potter, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama, Star Wars, etc.) I would be more likely to choose the old movie. See, when you’ve already read/watched something you whether it’s good or not. If you haven’t read/watched it yet there’s a chance that you’ll end up wasting hours of your life on something awful. Why not stick with the familiar?



6. The other day Alex actually mentioned something odd that I do too. I can’t stand sleeping the normal way under sheets and a bedspread. No matter where I’m at- home, apartment, hotel (especially at hotels!) I always sleep on top of the bedspread with another blanket on top. I’ve done this for a pretty long time much to the annoyance of my parents.



7. I love search engines. That may seem really random (which it is) but I genuinely like to just pull up yahoo! or google and look things up. It’s like a challenge to me to see what’s available online to learn about. Imdb and wikipedia are probably the two most visited websites in my internet history (besides bloglovin and wordpress that is!).



And that wraps up another Friday post. After clicking Publish I’m going to get my food prep done for tomorrow, get ready for bed (minus the pajamas which I already put on when I got home today ūüėČ ) and read a few chapters of a new book that I got at a thrift store last week.

Tomorrow I’m pretty excited because my family is driving up to stay the weekend with me. My brother and I are going to a baseball game Friday night with free tickets that I got through work, and on Saturday/Sunday we are going to explore the city a bit and try to find something fun to do. Maybe watch a movie.


Questions for you:

What makes you McQuirky?

Do you sleep on top or under your bed sheets?

Are you someone who likes to reread or rewatch things?

These Girls Are on Fire

Background music for today’s post:

Alright, so maybe not. But figuratively speaking, these girls really are on fire.

Yesterday I was kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Kyra at Scribbles and Sprinkles. This girl is seriously awesome. She even adapted a recipe from my old blog and just posted the pictures (delicious-looking!).


Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate other blogs for the award.
  • List 7 random things about you.
  • Put the award pic on your acceptance post.

So, here are the “girls on fire” that I nominate for this award:

Instead of doing the old-fashioned linking to their homepage, the hyperlink with each of their blog names is a post that I found¬†particularly¬†“on fire” this week!

As for the 7 random things about me, I figured this would also be a good time to participate in Kyra’s Fun Fact Friday:


1. I have a poster of Sheldon right behind my mushroom chair in my dorm room. Sometimes it’s a little creepy.

2. Sometimes the mirror in my dorm room gets super foggy (like when you’re taking a shower?) because of the steam from cooking my soup…

3. I complain about the cold weather just as much as anyone, but really, I love it.


4. My friend is trying to convince me to watch My Little Pony. And I think I’ve finally cracked.

5. Even though I haven’t kept up with New Girl, I found a clip on Hulu of Nick and Jess kissing and my heart skipped a beat. Love them together!

6. I was supposed to go and run my car at least once this week, so the same thing didn’t happen as last time. But it was warm one day, so I figured that takes care of things. I hope.

7. My animals want me to share more pictures with you. Camera hogs.



And finally, Friday wouldn’t be complete without another FFFFriday Food Finds!


You can read all about Friday Food Finds and my past posts here:

Here are four allergy-free recipes that caught my eye this week:

First up is an Egg-Free and Tomato-Free Paleo Meatloaf from The Paleo Mom.


Next is a simple Paleo Mousska from Chocolate and Raspberries that I saw during WIAW.


While searching on Pinterest for easy GAPS recipes, I stumbled upon this 15-minute Chicken and Peas Sauce from The Iron You.


And finally, a recipe for Butternut Squash Lasagana from Conscious Eatery that will be perfect with just a few adjustments.


So, let’s turn up the heat, get the fire going (or electricity going for those of us without gas stoves), and fingers crossed for a great weekend of cooking!

If you missed my last post, check out WIAW for a recipe for Butternut Squash Shepherd’s Pie.


What is one random thing about you?

Did you do a Friday Food Finds post this week? Feel free to share and I’ll link up to your blog!

What recipes have caught your eye this week?

Any special plans for the weekend?