Finally… It’s Friday and I’m Officially Launched!


Whew. So that’s over.

What’s over you ask?

My customer support training!!

There are still a few steps to take before I can officially say that I’m done, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the long hours are finally over…

Haha. Just kidding. I’ll now have the same hours as always, but I just won’t be walking back and forth between training classes, mock calls, and my desk. Soon and very soon it will be 24/7 cubicle.


I’m not entirely sure whether I like this thought or not. I’ve heard that the first week after training is an absolute nightmare on the phones. Interns get really stressed out apparently about being let off their leash. Hmm. I can totally see that happening to me. Some of the guys are like “Freedom!” I’m over here like “Don’t leave me alone!”


But I digress. My first day of launching didn’t go too bad. I had a few kooky questions. However, overall I got lucky with pretty easy problems to solve.

I should share more because that’s how blogs work. I write. You read.

Right now though I need to sleep. My brain is fried like a deep fried oreo…



Let’s try that again as I dislike deep fried oreos… (?!)

My brain is burnt like a good old fashioned marshmallow…


Hmm. Moving on because I just can’t think of a good metaphor. My brain is *that* worn out.



How about I just wish you all a happy Friday and weekend! Hope to see you on Monday for a MIMM post. No question, just tell me what YOUR BRAIN FEELS LIKE TODAY. I’m going to stick with the marshmallow.