Marvelously Practical

When I was younger, Christmas was all about the “wow” factor. What amazing gift would my parents find to take my breath away? Can you say spoiled much?

This year, I got so many great presents from my friends and family. None of them had that “wow” factor though. At first this made me a little upset. I wasn’t looking for anything expensive or out-of-this world, just something totally unexpected, but totally perfect.

Hmm… That just sounds like a set-up for failure, doesn’t it?


Instead, what I learned is that I have officially grown up. This was my first Christmas as an adult. And by what I got as gifts, you could tell.

Like I said, I was a little upset, even disappointed at first. My dad asked which was my favorite and I had to tell him that I didn’t know. They were all great, but mainly just practical.

Now though, I’m so thankful for the gifts that I received. I’ve used each and every one of them already! When I was younger, sure, I got the pretty toys that I wanted, but to be honest after the first few weeks they sort of lost their appeal, never to be used again.

Practical gifts; however, are just that. Practical.

And I will be using all of these for a long time coming:



Greatest invention ever. It means that I don’t have to pay attention to road signs and I can  totally tune out during my car ride to school.

New Car Radio


Includes blue tooth, a usb drive, a CD player (the best part!), and I can customize the colors to whatever I choose.

Flash Drive


Needed one desperately since I lost my turtle flash drive. Whoops.

LED Light for my Key chain


A surprise in my stocking. Awesome addition to my lanyard of keys.

Headphones + Board Game


Noise-cancelling headphones. Big Bang Theory Game (similar to Apples to Apples).

So, I say this almost every week, but marvelous is my family. They know what I need better than I know myself. 

And marvelous is practicality! The dictionary definition of practical is:

practical– adapted or designed for actual use

Well then, shouldn’t all presents be practical? Things that we will actually use?

I do want to mention that practical can sometimes lead to being rude, so watch out! Yes, a barbie doll is a perfect gift for a young girl, and really, when was too many barbies ever a bad thing?

My point is, a barbie doll is completely unoffensive because it is something age appropriate, and a gift that you know will be loved and used.

What IS offensive is this list of gifts that I compiled together:

1. Self-Help Books. Maybe not on holidays or birthdays it would be okay? Or if the person actually asked for it? I received one for Christmas a few years ago and it just made me feel like an awful human being.

2. A Half Eaten Cookie. Seriously, one of my close friends got this as a present from another  friend. The other girl got hungry… There were even bite marks. Not even kidding.

3. Earrings. When my ears weren’t pierced… Thanks!

4. Soap and Shampoo From A Hotel. Yes. This happened.

And that’s it for Marvelous in My Monday. I hope that last list put a smile on your face and made you laugh a little!


Do you ever find yourself not appreciating all that your family does for you?

What is one practical gift that you originally despised, but have grown to love? I want to note that under no circumstances did I despise any of those gifts above. They just weren’t things that I could enjoy “in the moment.” Take for example my brother’s new laptop… Now THAT has the desired “wow” factor. Too bad I already have one!

Any rude or offensive past gifts that you’d like to share?

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