What I Really Think When Reading Inspirational Quotes

I was just in the process of reading those fun blog surveys that you know I love so much when I came across one of the questions about “What is your favorite quote?” Usually I just soak up the inspiration and move on. This time though I paused to really consider what the quote was saying.

And then I laughed.

That’s probably not what you were expecting to hear from me, right? From my title you were most likely anticipating something a lot more serious?

Today’s post is far from serious though. We all need to laugh once in awhile (hopefully every day) and I hope that at least one of these inspirational quotes causes at least a little giggle to escape that Friday, bleary-eyed face that I’m confident 99.99% of you are currently are wearing.

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to negate the positive effects that inspirational quotes can have on a person or make fun of those who post them frequently. I have used them often to cheer me up on a dreary day, probably even some of these quotes specifically. These are just random ones that I found on the internet and I jotted down the first thought that I had in my mind. As you can tell from the comments, my brain has quite the sarcastic tendencies. 

What I Really Think When Reading Inspirational Quotes


My momma told me to never lie.



Unless your bike chain falls off. If you try to keep on moving then you would probably end up with a few scraped body limbs.



I think this one should say “If opportunity knocks, build a building, build a door frame…” Then you can insert the door.



False. The nearest star is over 4 light years away. If you miss the moon you would probably hit another planet/asteroid before reaching the stars. Oh, and you’d run out of oxygen first…



Really? Tell that to my hands that think they can carry plastic grocery bags for over a mile. I’m pretty sure I’m NOT as strong as I think.



Actually, at any given point it’s always raining somewhere on Earth. Unless we are talking about the Moon where it never rains, but I don’t think that’s where the writer was going with this one.



I guarantee that there’s another question that I’ll ask myself at the end of the day… “What did I have for breakfast this morning?”


Questions for FRIDAY:

What do you think of inspirational quotes?

Do you ever laugh when you read them?

Have you smiled yet today? 🙂

MIMM- No Procrastinating Here

Thank you all for your super sweet comments on my post last Friday. Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten to comment on them, I just haven’t had time yet. Patience my friends!

So, this morning I am going to participate in Healthy Diva Eat’s Marvelous in my Monday, which I haven’t done for quite a few weeks (3 to be exact). I’ve really missed them, as they add a little happy dose to an otherwise dreary start to the week.

And without need for other introduction, here is my MIMM post for the first week of February 2013:

Marvelous is…

Kicking butt in MIS. I felt like a speed demon as I typed those IF and Payment formulas into Excel.

The fact that my car started on Friday on the first try, despite me being lazy and not checking the battery during the week.

The right to vote. Before I went home I stopped by the Board of Elections and I voted with an absentee ballot for a local school levy. Here’s hoping for my mom, brother, and high school friends that it passes!

Paleo Recipes. No, I’m not officially “Paleo,” but it is a much more popular following than GAPS, and since they both follow similar principles, typing “Paleo recipes” into Google/Pinterest/Yahoo/Foodgawker delivers much more promising results.

Weekends for making said Paleo recipes. Look out world! WIAW is going to be filled to the brim with delicious real-food eye candy.

My MIS teacher. Do you know what you get when your professor comes to class 10 minutes late and leaves 15 minutes early? That’s right folks— A 25 minute lecture.

Plus add to the fact that this teacher is always sputtering out quotes like a modern day Plato. Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like pure gold. Take for instance this quote from the other day…

“The certainty of misery is better than the misery of uncertainty.” -Pogo

I have no idea what it has to do with Management Information Systems, but I’ll take it!

Feeling like writing a post ahead of time. Yes, this post was actually written in advanced. Be amazed.


More quotes for Monday that I just saw plastered on the wall outside of my Physics class:

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” –Michelangelo

It’s like a fortune cookie word-vomited all over the walls. You can’t escape the fumes of inspiration.


Now tell me:

What is Marvelous about your Monday?

Did you seriously kick butt in anything this past week?

Any inspiring quotes to start off on a good foot?