The One Where Madison Rambles and Updates You on Life

Happy Friday everyone! I hope if you are experiencing cold weather right now you are doing your best to stay warm and are toughing through it. And if you are currently experiencing warm weather… eh, I don’t have anything nice to say to you. Except give us back the sun!! 😉

Today is going to be a rather short post since I have a surprise for you.

I made a vlog!


After doing a Blogilates workout on my TV I was inspired to make my own video and give you a little update on what has been going on with me stomach-wise. I swear that I am not hyped up on anything in this post, despite what my wandering eyes and random tangents may lead you to believe…

A few thoughts about the video:

  • Sorry again for the horrible lighting and earthquake-like shaking that resulted from me holding the camera by hand for 15 minutes straight.
  • Oh ya, and sorry for the 15 minute length too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- with strangers I’m a closed book, but if you can get me talking I’ll never stop!
  • The Blogilates workout that I did today was this one. And the one I did yesterday was a bit longer as a Whole Body Workout. I highly recommend either, and despite their fun titles, those are some serious workouts!
  • Yes, I was still in my pajamas when I recorded the video. Well, I actually took a shower and changed back into them to do the exercise video, so that’s a little better, right?
  • I realized why it was so dark in my living room AFTER I was finished recording– my mom closes the drapes at night to help with insulation and the temperature inside, and we had yet to open them for the day. *Head smack*
  • Of course I will let you know what I find out with the health tests with my new doctor.
  • These are the PaleOMG pancakes that I was talking about. I’ll share more about my adjustments in a future post.
  • While I didn’t take any medicine for my fever, I want to assure you that if my fever had gone any higher or hadn’t broke that day, I would have definitely taken some medicine to bring it down. Test or not, I’m not willing to risk my health for something like that.
  • I am feeling much better but still need a little recovery time. Hopefully by Monday when I return to school I’ll be back to normal.
  • Seriously, I AM excited to go back to school. Call me strange if you must 😉
  • Obviously I am linking up this post to Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud because I literally thought out loud. Ha.

Thinking-Out-Loud (1)

Now, once again, happy Friday! I hope you all have a marvelous (warm) weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.


Questions for you:

  • Have you ever made a vlog?
  • Do you prefer video or word posts?
  • Has the cold spell passed where you live?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud #1

Hey! What’s this? A post on a Thursday? I know, I know. I’m a constant bundle of surprise.

I decided to break my normal posting schedule to support Amanda and her new weekly link-up for Thinking Out Loud! I’m not sure if I will do this every week because I don’t want all of my posts to become solely for link-ups, but I couldn’t miss out on this inaugural event. This is history in the making.


In true Thursday Thoughts fashion I am taking a cue from Ms. Spoon’s book and going with some numbers….

1. I’m just not feeling super festive yet. Anyone else? Maybe it’s because I still have school in my constant thoughts. If that’s the case, it probably won’t be until next Saturday that I actually start feeling like it’s Christmas time.


2. Despite not feeling all Christmas-y, the constant influx of snow is not letting me forget that we are indeed drawing nearer to Winter. While not a “warm” welcome, it does make me a little giddy and nostalgic to awake to a fresh bed of whiteness on our school lawns. Those happy memories are quickly forgotten though when my feet get soaked as I trudge through the wet snow. I need a new pair of boots that aren’t as thin as paper in the heels.

So basically, I feel like this whenever I go outside.

3. Speaking of boots, lets talk about Uggs for a moment. I own a few pair of knockoffs and they are so warm and comfortable. But are they cute? The consensus among my roommates is no. However, one roommate insists that they are adorable. I think that by definition they are ugly, and that is almost part of their appeal. They aren’t super high fashion so they are accessible to everyone and I feel like I can wear them everyday without much concern. Again, they are the epitome of warm. Nothing more.


 4. I have realized recently that I do best with small changes. Occasionally I do well with just jumping feet first into something (like with this blog, one day it was non-existent and the next I was blabbing away to you all!) But with most things in life it’s better if I get adapted slowly. Like with exercise. I don’t know how many times I have tried to go all out and exercise a lot everyday when I’m first starting. Then within no time I lose that initial excitement and it quickly falls to the way side.

Since Elf For Health‘s challenge on Monday though, I’ve begun slowly adding in just a “bit” here and there. I almost forgot to do the circuit challenge for the day so before going to bed I quickly busted out 5 minutes worth of toning exercises. Is it an overnight transformation? Heck no. However, I’m not doing this to lose weight, and really, I’m not even doing it for the health benefits like potentially reducing the risk of disease, illness, spontaneous combustion, etc. Recently I’ve been intrigued by the idea that incorporating exercise into your daily schedule can help reduce stress and possibly even better digestion. I’m all for that.

Three nights in a row and going strong! 😉 Lol. I have no naive thoughts that what I’m doing is nearly enough, however this time around I want to try the slow approach, adding in a little each day. If you don’t already do wall sits, you really should. Feel the burn.


5. Up next I’m going to make an easy 5 minute arm workout for myself. I love circuits for their short and choppy nature. With reading my favorite books I have no problem doing the same thing for hours on end, but when it comes to working out if I’m repetitive my interest fades fast. What I need is quick and effective stuff where I won’t lose my mind in boredom.


6. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Hobbit 2 premiere and I am super excited. While I liked the original Lord of the Rings film trilogy I actually think the Hobbit is better thus far. My Loki-loving friend managed to snag seats to a special early showing tomorrow afternoon, so we are driving about an hour north to the city to watch in style. The only thing that could make this sequel better than the first is with the addition of some stellar new cast members. Oh wait, there is! Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Benedict Cumberbatch (as the dragon!). Aren’t you pumped? 😉


8. There are still open spots for the 12 Days of Christmas Recipes link-up! There are 3 or 4 themes left and for those of you worried about being too busy with work and such, all of the days remaining are towards the end so you can work on it in your spare time over Christmas vacation 🙂 A few of the other participants have already been e-mailing me with rough draft versions of theirs (not that you have to do that), which just goes to show how super easy it is join in!


9. I was just going to end with 8… then I suddenly felt a cold blast of air. For some reason unbeknownst to me (and the rest of humanity) someone keeps on turning the air conditioning on in our room. 😯 Hmm… That 6 degree temperature prediction for tonight is not in Celsius, is it? No. No it’s not. However, I’m keeping my lips zipped and pulling on my house slippers in silence. “Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men…”


Questions for you:

What are you thinking about on this bright, cheery (cold) Thursday?

Does ending on an odd number bother any of you?

Have you considered joining in our Christmas recipe fun?

How do you keep warm during the winter? (Electric blankets is not an acceptable solution per University policy. No matter how much I would love to convince them otherwise…)

Twas the Morning of Christmas

Twas the morning of Christmas, when all through the house. Not a kitten was stirring, not even a mouse.


The pastries were waiting all snug in their beds,


While visions of gooey goodness danced in their heads.


Then out of the silence there arose such a clatter, I jumped from the bed to see what was the matter.


When, what to my wondering ears should appear, But a ringing alarm clock saying Christmas was here!


With a call to our parents, so efficient and quick, we flew down the steps to our presents from St. Nick.


As I drew in my excitement, and was hurrying around, Down the staircase my brother flounced with a big bound.


He spoke not a lick, but went straight to his work, And we passed out the presents with a smile and a smirk.


And with the start being close, and my dad giving the signal, we all said, “Here it goes!”


And I went through the day with events of delight.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Thanks Jenn from Peas and Crayons for this week’s WIAW party:


What is your favorite Christmas story? I really like The Christmas Carol and the story of the three wise men.

Favorite gift this year? Too hard to decide… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Most delicious food? I only had soup, but the butternut squash variation was my favorite.

Great family story to tell? My brother, being the animal lover that he is, fed this large stray dog sour cream and onion chips, and slices of ham while we were getting lunch set up.

It’s the End of the World As We Know It


Do you ever just look back at your old blog posts and think… I don’t even remember writing that?

That’s basically how I felt yesterday when looking at these two posts. Nothing special really, but I noticed how I seemed much more interested in what I was writing about compared to my posts lately. Right now I’m kind of just feeling the end-of-year blues. I don’t really want to get out and do much of anything. I can definitely tell that it’s time for a break, and a long one at that.

I think that I just hit a brick wall in the middle of November. Okay, maybe a “soft” metaphorical brick wall, but still. All that I can think about is just that it’s “that time of year.” Aren’t we supposed to feel a little drained and ready for it to be over?

Ya. I don’t buy that. I believe that it’s a perfectly reasonable expectation to feel good all year round no matter what the season.

So, here’s what I’m going to do about it. A December goal list.

*Audience rolls eyes*

A lot of bloggers make them, I know! And I used to roll my eyes too. But lately I feel like I need a way to just give myself that extra push to do something. Anything!

What I need to do is acknowledge that the world is going to end on December 21, 2012, and  with just under two weeks left until my life is over, I have a lot that I want to get done. Thus, I’ve created my:

13 Things to Do in the 13 Days Before the World Ends Bucket List.


1. Watch The Hobbit midnight premiere. Do I want to? No. Should I? Yes, especially if it means socializing with my friends… Who are going to have to accept the fact that after two exams that day I’m going to fall asleep. DEAL.

DONE. I didn’t watch it at the midnight premiere, but the following Saturday with some friends from High School.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

2. Look into summer internships and/or summer jobs and apply for at least two. Hey! If my life’s going to end I might as well know that I accomplished something.


3. Order my books for next semester. ALL OF THEM. Yes, the world’s over, but again, there is a .009% chance that it’s not and I want to be prepared for my first class come Monday January 7. 10:30 AM Management Information Systems. Woo!

HALF DONE. I ordered all of the books that I could find on Amazon, but I still have to order two from and a few from my school’s bookstore online.

4. Make a craft with my mom. We’ve been talking about this forever, and have been pinning like crazy, but nothing ever gets made.

SORT OF. My mom and I have been doing a lot of stuff together like shopping and various things, but we have yet to make a craft!

Skittles, candy, candy wrapper, pouch, candy wrapper pouch, Sweet tooth pouch, Punkin Patterns

5. When my Christmas break starts, my mom and brother will still have one week before theirs begins. This will give my dad and I plenty of time to shop for my mom. I also want to do something fun with him, like maybe watch a matinee movie!

DONE. My dad and I went to a huge mall about an hour away just to walk around. We actually left without buying anything, but it was really fun!

Red Dawn

6. Pay my bill for the upcoming Semester. This actually needs to be accomplished by December 15… So ya. Definitely before the world ends. I want to die a college student, not a college drop-out.

DONE, and a day ahead of schedule.

7. Do something fun with my brother. I promised him ice cream when he first got his Driver’s License, so it’s time to fulfill my promise and take him to Cold Stone.  Plus, we can maybe do a little Christmas shopping for our parents while we’re out.

DONE. No ice cream, but last night my brother and I made a late-night drive into the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart after his open gym practice to buy presents for our parents.

8. Speaking of Christmas, I also need to pick out the perfect present for my brother. He is the hardest person to buy for (besides candy, which will be included, but doesn’t really count), and I really just want to buy him the greatest gift ever. Within budget of course.

DONE. And that’s all I’m going to say just in case he is reading.

9. Hang out with my friends from High School at least once a week. Times two weeks, that is two separate occasions. My friend Rachel wants me to learn to ice-skate… Frightening! (I asked if we could just roller-skate instead. She laughed.)

DONE. I watched The Hobbit with my friends and also went to a breakfast gathering. I also have two more planned get-togethers before break ends.

10. Host my first blog giveaway. I mentioned it a couple WIAW posts back, but on December 20, I will be hosting my first blog giveaway ever. Please enter and make me the happiest person ever! I’ll be your friend until the end of the world! (Haha. Ha. Ha.)

DONE. You can still enter if you haven’t already!

11. Stay in contact with my friends from college over break. Even if it is just one text per person I’ll feel better when I die if I know that I connected to them somehow.

DONE. Multiple times. We discussed The Hobbit and the awesomeness of Morgan Free and Orlando Bloom. Multiple times.

12. Figure out what is going on with my stomach. Whether this be visiting a  new gastroenterologist  seeing my naturopath, going to a holistic chiropractor, or just experimenting myself, if the world ends, I want to at least know what has been ailing me the past year.

DONE. I’m going on the GAPS protocol, and I’ll do a post on that soon.

13. Make. And. Eat. Soup. Seriously? How long have I been talking about making some?

DONE. You can few my lovely microwave soup recipe in my last WIAW post.

Normally I would just try to keep these things in mind, though lately I’ve been procrastinating.

By posting these 13 goals on here, I hope to become more accountable. I’m not sure if monthly goal lists will become a regular thing on Eating 4 Balance, but the idea that you all will know if I fail… Well, let’s just say it’s pretty good motivation.

Now, I’m off to procrastinate some more in regard to my final exams! I’ll try to study for them a little bit tonight, but really, I have all week as both of them aren’t until Thursday.

Oh, and I just realized that 13 is supposed to be the most unlucky number ever… I guess this post is fitting then!


Do you ever go back and read your old blog posts?

Are you starting to feel the effects of the winter blues?

What things would be on your end-of-world bucket list?