Food for the… #3

I had big plans for today’s post. I was going to pour out my heart and sole to you guys. Share my deepest darkest secrets.


Okay, not really, but I seriously did have plans for a greater ratio of words to links. However, my friend and I spent the last hour and a half looking at apartments online and e-mailing prospective landlords. Do you know how hard it is to find furnished, cat-friendly, two bedroom apartments?

Let me rephrase that. Do you know how hard it is to find furnished, cat-friendly, two bedroom apartments that don’t cost a lot AND don’t look like they haven’t been updated since the 60’s? Incredibly hard I’ll tell you.

We did manage to find a few that didn’t sound too bad and fit my roommate’s price constraints. To me the money isn’t that big of an issue since whatever we choose will be cheaper than staying in our dorm. Would you like to guess how much it costs per month to stay in a dorm at my college? $770. And that doesn’t even include a kitchen or a decent parking space! It makes the apartments that we’re looking at with $400 a month look like a steal. We’re aiming for in the high 200s to low 300s though per person, which while that seems difficult, is totally feasible.


But that’s probably more than you would have liked to hear about my “oh look I’m pretending to be an adult” rants about finding a cheap apartment. Shoot, most of you own HOUSES! My argument pales in comparison I’m sure.

So let’s move on to my Friday link-love of all of the posts/pictures/videos that I found interesting throughout the week. As per tradition I have divided them into four separate categories. MIND (posts to get you thinking!), BELLY (recipes to get you hungry), EYES (videos or pictures to make you laugh/cry/contemplate the meaning of your existence), and SOUL (articles that speak to the heart) . This week I have decided to add a fifth category: BODY, which, as the name hints at, will be a collection of exercise articles and workouts.



Oreo’s New Cookie Dough Flavor is Real — from Buzzfeed

Senior Citizens Amazingly Re-Create Famous Movie Scenes — from Buzzfeed

Changes to FDA Food Label — from Yahoo! Food

16 Signs You Are a Little (Or a Lot) Type A — from The Huffington Post

Paleo on a Budget — from Pencils and Pancakes

Is Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health? — from Food Babe

Nutrition in the NBA — from CBSports

The Disney Side of Life — from Running with Spoons

Nutrition Notes: Canned Soup — from Kath Eats



Chocolate Brownies that Blew Me Away — from Eat Drink Paleo

Nutty Bread — from Treats With a Twist

Frozen Sunbutter Fudge — from The Spunky Coconut

Gluten-Free Baked Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips — from The Healthy Apple

Easy Oat Flatbread — from Sprint 2 the Table

Homemade Ketchup — from Skinny Taste

Chunky Monkey Fudge — from Nut Butter Runner

Sweet Potato Maple Vegan Beer Bread — from Averie Cooks

Tuna Cakes with Greek Yogurt Dill Sauce — from Minou Girl



I Guess This Dog Just Likes to Party — from Facebook

Amazing Kid – Future MMA Star — from YouTube

Dancing in the Sky — from Dani and Lizzy

Brothers Do Amazing Job Recreating Childhood Photos for Mum — from Yahoo! Shine

Doritos Superbowl Commercial Finalists — from Doritos

Sam Woolf American Idol Audition — from YouTube

Right Before Dying From A Rare Lifelong Disease, Sam Revealed His Three Secrets To Happiness — from Upworthy

“The World’s Ugliest Girl” and Her Response — from Shockable

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Trailer — from Movie Clips



When Compliments Feel Like Lies, and What to Do About It — from Sensual Appeal Blog

Emotional Eating — from Peachy Palate

The Story Telling Edition — from Clean Eats Fast Feets

Surround Yourself — from Purely Twins

When You Think You’re Falling, It’s Time to REFOCUS — from Cotter Crunch

Running and Food Allergies — from Mile-Posts

It’s Not Easy for Everyone — from The Lean Green Bean

How Blogging Enhanced My Eating Disorder (Guest Post) — from Fueled by LOLZ

It’s Not All Rainbows and Smiles — from Anna the Apple



What Does “Fit” Mean to You? — The Healthy Maven

Hips, Butt and Thighs — from Blogilates

Three Tips for Running Newbies — from The Little Honey Bee (Guest Post)

Core on Fire Workout — from The Fitnessista

Yoga for Detox and Digestion — from Sarah Beth Yoga

Weight, Wait, Weight Again — from Back on Pointe

Fifty Rep Workout: Part Two — from Peanut Butter Fingers

5 Tips for Starting an Exercise Program — from Carla “MizFit”

1 Minute Fitness Challenge: Seal Jack — from Fit Sugar

You can check out my first two “Food For the…” posts here and here!

Happy Friday everyone!


Tell me… What is your weekly Food for the… Mind, Belly, Eyes, and Soul?

33 thoughts on “Food for the… #3

    • I went into the Type A post completely expecting to say at the end, “Oh ya, that’s not me at all.” But for a majority of the bullets I found myself nodding my head. Let’s just say that was one personality quiz that I *wasn’t* thrilled to pass. Lol.

  1. Thanks for sharing your trials with apartment looking. It can make ya want to pull your hair out. I love the link ups, pictures and videos. I haven’t even got through them all yet but their great!

  2. Apartment hunting is terrible!! We used to have to pay about $15,000 a year for dorms at my school. Ridiculous, huh? I hope you find a nice place! I find that you have to do a lot of digging, but most of the time there is a diamond in the rough if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to find it. I struggled for forever trying to find my current apartment, and now that I have, I feel so lucky and I love it. The same will happen for you!

    • Holy moly that IS ridiculous. Ours come out to 3500 per semester for the cheapest dorms, so 7000 a year. Did the 15,000 include a meal plan too? I think if so ours would be around 15,000 a year too. Either way, that’s way too much money for the amenities.

      Last summer I found my diamond in the rough like you said, when looking for my internship, so I totally know what you mean. That’s great that you found an apartment you love— I hope I can too!

  3. Lots of good stuff here girl! Can’t wait to check them out when the boys go down for some snoozes later 🙂 Good luck with the apt hunt too! Never one of my favorite things to hunt for but it’s always worth it in the end to find the perfect place for the moment and make it yours 🙂

  4. I have always HATED oreos and to be honest, cannot recall the last time I ever had one. However, a COOKIE DOUGH FLAVORED OREO would be flipping HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH!!!

    What’s not heaven – is apartment hunting when you have a lot of necessaries! That being said, I actually really LOVE apartment hunting overall, and all of my friends come to me for help! I think I need to be a part-time realtor, ha ha ha!

    • I cannot remember the last time I had one either. Maybe in middle school?

      I was reading the article and they said that it doesn’t taste exactly like cookie dough so now I’m curious. Since neither of us can have them I will have to get my brother to be our test subject 😉 Lol. And there is a marshmallow flavor that sounds intriguing too!

      Apartment hunting in general is fun, but not with the restrictions. I agree. On my last hunt as long as it wasn’t too much and looked nice I was all for it. Cats and price limits certainly put a damper on the search though. It sounds like you’d be a great part-time realtor! 😆

  5. I really loved reading ‘It’s Not Easy for Everyone’, ‘How Blogging Enhanced My Eating Disorder’ and ‘When You Think You’re Failing…’ I haven’t really sharded about my struggles in this area on my blog but I’ve been struggling with some of these things myself for the past year. Thanks for sharing the links – I actually read a couple of them earlier in the week but I’m happy that people are sharing them. I love that more and more bloggers are being reached and are realizing that they aren’t alone. 🙂

    • With food and health being such a primary focus of my blog, and also the blogs I read, the possible negative effects are always at the forefront of my mind. I’m glad that you liked the “soul” posts 😆 Those three were probably my favorites too. And half the time with other blogger’s link posts I’ve already the articles too, and sometimes with a second read they help me even more than the first time through. I’m glad you liked them!

  6. I love how you split up the categories. You always post such amazing posts. The food all sounds delicious, the laughs I got from some really brightened up my mood, and some got me thinking. I really find out new things about myself reading new to me posts. Thank you. I’ve been lost for a while and this just helped out. Thank you. 🙂

  7. So many great links!!

    They better bring those oreos out to Australia! They sound AMAZING!!

    I can get easily distracted too and not do what I was supposed to, like write blog posts, reply to comments, the usual! Damn internet always so distracting!

    Have a great weekend ❤

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  9. Oh food for the body! I could use some of that motivation 😉 These look like some great posts that I can’t wait to dive into, so thanks as always for sharing! And good look with the apartment search, I don’t remember those days too fondly haha.. and I’m so not looking forward to having to repeat the process in a few months once I graduate.

  10. I’ll be looking for an apartment in the summer/fall and I’m terrified about it.. but also kind of excited, haha. Being an adult has too many responsibilities.

  11. I remember my first off campus housing. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing this with your roommates. I bet you can’t wait to have an actual kitchen.
    I always knew butter was the bomb, although I did use to buy the Land O Lakes back in the day. Thankfully, my store doesn’t carry it now. Plus if I’m buying anything dairy, I try to go organic and grass fed.

    Yep, I’m definitely in the Type A category. No shock there.

    Thanks for sharing my story; I’m glad you liked it. I had fun writing that post.

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